We did it!! Thank you!

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  • We did it!! Thank you!

    We did it!  The Kickstarter is officially over and thanks to friends and family around the world we almost doubled our funding goal!  Thank you for the the best birthday gift — the generous support from so many for this campaign.
    I now look forward to finishing the album – recording all the songs (a few more pieces to go), and having the album mixed, mastered, designed, printed and shipped by July 2019.
    I will continue to post updates about the project in the next few months so that you remain informed about the process.

    Successfully Funded

    Altogether we raised $30,971 with 268 backers (this includes other payments that came in through PayPal and WeChat)!
    I can’t wait to finish this upcoming album for the Báb titled ‘The Exalted One’ and continue working on one for ‘Abdu’l-Bahá for 2021!
    Thank you for all the love, support and generosity you have shown me!

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