Gift Songs for Ridvan – 11 languages!

Two years ago I shared a song titled, ‘Rejoice with exceeding gladness – a song for Ridvan’.  I felt inspired to compose a song that everyone can sing together for the Bahá’í Festival of RidvanClick here to download the full song with six languages as a gift.  Thanks to Jarome Matthew for arranging, mixing and producing the song and Larry Magee for the beautiful guitar part.

The song was recorded in different parts of the world in six different languages (English, Swahili, German, Chinese, Spanish and French).  Since then we have recordings of an additional four language versions with talented musicians around the world (Arabic – Sonbol Taefi; Portuguese – Eric Harper; Japanese – Angela Owens; and Swedish – Ann-Sofie Wensbo). In addition, I recorded an Italian version. Each of the eleven shortened versions can be downloaded separately for free.  Please spread the word to your friends!

Click here to download the lyrics.

An instrumental version is also available in case any community would like to sing it in their own native language.  To download the shortened versions, click here.

The song is a gift to you.  Even though the link says ‘Buy Now’ you can download it for free (just enter 0 in the amount). As there were production costs, there is an option for donation.  Enter whatever amount you wish after clicking ‘download’ below or ‘Buy Now’ on the website.

Videos for the Ridvan song in 11 languages

Last year I created 11 videos for the Ridvan song in 11 languages.  Click here to choose the language you would like to watch.  

Rejoice with exceeding gladness


    Monika Stenberg April 18, 2017Reply

    So wonderful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, from my very happy soul!

    Mark Townsend April 20, 2017Reply

    O inhabitants of the realms of the seen and the unseen! Sing, O sing the most joyous melodies on this Festival of God which hath appeared with the power of truth and to which the former and latter generations had never attained, could ye but know it. This is the Day whereon the Pen of God hath absolved all who are in the heavens and on earth. Thus hath His eternal command shone forth from the dayspring of His Pen, that ye may rejoice in your souls and be of those whose hearts are gladdened. (Baha’u’llah, Days of Remembrance, #23:13)

    Mark Townsend April 20, 2017Reply

    O ye that abide beneath the tabernacle of grandeur! O ye that dwell within the pavilion of inviolable sanctity! O ye that are sheltered under the canopy of loftiness and glory! Lift up your voices and sing in the most melodious of tones in your most exalted chambers, for in this Dispensation the veiled Beauty hath been revealed, and the Day-Star of the Unseen hath risen above the horizon of ancient glory. All hail then to this, the Festival of the Lord, that hath appeared with a splendid adorning!
    (Baha’u’llah, Days of Remembrance, 7:9)

    Carol Hostman April 20, 2017Reply

    Oh thank you for this beautiful,happy gift to the people of the earth~love & blessings, Elika.
    Hearts that love are always in bloom.

    Elika April 23, 2017Reply

    Thank you Monika and Carol for your sweet comments and thank you Mark for sharing such beautiful quotations from this wonderful new compilation, ‘Days of Remembrance’!

    Rooplall Dudhnath. April 25, 2017Reply


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