Winners for Anniversary Music Giveaway!

Thank you for sending in all your nominations for couples you admire for our anniversary music giveaway.  I received over 50 nominations for couples living around the world and was so touched reading through them all.  I could feel so much love for your friends.  Choosing who to give the ‘Birds of Love’ album download gifts to was challenging as there were so many kind and thoughtful comments.  So I decided to give out 15 album downloads instead of 5!  Because of all the enthusiasm, I will have more music giveaways in the future to allow more friends the opportunities to share the love.
Below are the winning nominations for the ‘Birds of Love’ gift album.  I will be emailing each of you individually with a gift certificate that you can email to the couple you admire.  Congratulations!

  1. Gloria Eshrati  (Shohreh and Shah Verahramyan)
  2. Sarmad Garmroud  (Hala Bassier-Garmroud and Fidal Bassier)
  3. May Taherzadeh  (Shamim Taherzadeh and Johanna Jochumsdottir)
  4. Cheri King  (Tabasom and Marvin Khoshkhesal)
  5. Deborah Kares  (Zach Peerand & Cynthia Tomik)
  6. Mona Afshar-Tongga  (Carla and Jack Jones)
  7. Roberta Charles  (Douglas Robert Oliver Charles and Nika)
  8. Kimberly  (Alina and Andrew Spychala)
  9. Hayede Parsa  (Lua and Daniel Baker)
  10. Julio Ortega  (John and Sharon MacLeod)
  11. Earl Erickson  (Bob and Judy Rinehart)
  12. Guita youssefian  (Tom and Donna Mandaville)
  13. Guillaume Giraud  (Saba Mazza & Rachel Bayani)
  14. Vicki  (Melissa & Rich Young)
  15. Saeed Naimi  (Leyla Shodjai Abrar and Farzad Shodjai)

Birds of Love gift certificate


    Marshall January 9, 2016Reply

    That’s wonderful, I’m happy for the winners and am so pleased with your generosity. You are an incredible artist and am glad that I’ve got to know you through your music and post!

    Elika January 10, 2016Reply

    Thank you so much dear Marshall!

    jaleh January 10, 2016Reply

    Well done everyone! And thank you for this special gift of love Elly love

    Julio Ortega January 11, 2016Reply

    Thank you so much dear Elika, I now they are going to be so happy to receive and enjoy your beautiful and uplifting music.
    Muchísimas gracias, merci beaucoup, thank you very much!
    Much love
    Julio Ortega

    Elika February 10, 2016Reply

    My pleasure Julio!

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