Singing in the rain

Yesterday I had the pleasure of singing at an outdoor wedding and it was the first time I’ve ever sung in the rain!  The weather has been sunny recently so it was unexpected that the day of the wedding it rained non-stop during the celebration.  Even though it was cold and wet, I appreciated the rain as it was symbolic of the bounties being showered on the bride and groom.
Weddings always move me to tears. Being a witness to the union of two souls is such a joy and a blessing.  The bride was in tears throughout the ceremony and at one point ran over to her mother, gave her a huge hug and both wept for a few minutes in each others arms.   The groom so lovingly wiped away her tears every now and then so her make up wouldn’t run!  It was priceless to watch!  The love, respect and care that pervaded the ceremony were moving.  At one point all the guests surrounded the bride and groom with all our umbrellas.  It was a special moment.
I was honoured to sing the piece, ‘Birds of Love’ for the wedding.  I composed it originally for one of my dearest friends who celebrated her marriage in our home ten years ago and surprised her and the groom by singing it during their ceremony.  Since then I have sung this piece at eleven weddings! 🙂  I included an instrumental version on the album to be used at weddings so that anyone can sing with the backtrack for the special occasion.
Below is the title track ‘Birds of Love’ as well as the instrumental version from the album ‘Birds of Love’.

Elika Mahony singing at a wedding


    Regina James May 3, 2016Reply

    Hi Elika. I’m so glad that everything turned out to be beautiful at the wedding. I hope that you didnt get too wet in the rain. God Bless You

    jaleh May 4, 2016Reply

    How wonderful it must have been for you all.

    Elika May 5, 2016Reply

    Thanks Regina. The wedding was wonderful.

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