Armed with the Power of Thy Name

Music is a healing balm so I thought I would share a quotation from Bahá’u’lláh set to music for all those who are feeling tested today…  I hope this passage brings some solace.
For the next few days, I am giving this piece, ‘The Power of Thy Name’ as a free download so please feel free to click the title link above. You can download it by entering 0 in the amount when checking out.

Armed with the power


    Richard Wilson November 9, 2016Reply

    Many thanks!

    Lisa Smits November 9, 2016Reply

    Thank you so much Elika. My 13 year old daughter was singing this today as she needed something to soothe her. Thank you for the gift. We will enjoy the song today and at future devotionals. Much love, Lisa

    Name November 10, 2016Reply

    Thanks so much for this medicine!

    Jeanne Díaz November 11, 2016Reply

    Beautiful and so appreciated. This is one of my favorite quotes and has encouraged me many, many times. Thank you.

    Elika November 13, 2016Reply

    Dear Richard, Lisa and Jeanne, it is my pleasure. I hope the quotation set to music brings you all solace. Thank you Lisa for sharing that ‘The Power of Thy Name’ soothed your daughter today. I’m thrilled that she likes to sing it. 🙂

    Susan Jane Allen November 14, 2016Reply

    Thanks for this solace, Elika.

    Elika November 15, 2016Reply

    My pleasure dear Susan.

    Margitha Gustafsson November 29, 2016Reply

    I’ m using your beautiful music in my Devotional Stockholm Sweden
    Many Thanks
    Bahai Love Margitha

      Elika December 1, 2016Reply

      Wonderful! Thank you so much Margitha.

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