Nine Precious Days

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  • I’m so thrilled to share that our family is preparing to go to Haifa, Israel for a Bahá’í nine day Pilgrimage.  We have been planning this special visit for awhile and are beyond excited!
    As Pilgrimage is a time for prayer and reflection, I will be posting less on social media but I do hope to post images I capture of my experiences on my Facebook music page as time permits.
    I will be thinking of and praying for friends and family and looking forward to sharing more about the experience once I return home.
    Shrine of The Báb - Elika Mahony


      Colette Harrison December 15, 2016Reply

      Dear Elika – I know you will have a wonderful time. Please remember me and my friends who are are going through hard times in many ways when you pray at the shrines! Safe and joyful travels!

      Sarmad Garmroud December 15, 2016Reply

      Have a beautiful trip, dear Elika. Much love to your awesome family! Please remember us all in your prayers, especially Dad who passed away in September. Thanks so much! <3

      Elika December 16, 2016Reply

      Happy to say prayers for you and your friends dear Colette. And dear Sarmad, you and Varya and family as well as your dear father will be in my prayers. 🙂

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