Need your help for title suggestions…

I just completed this painting and would love your help finding a suitable title for it. The painting consists of azure blue and gold acrylic paint.  Kindly post your ideas in the comments section below (you may contribute as many as you would like) and the winning title will receive an album download of your choice.
Earth Photo


    Gamal & Somaya October 21, 2015Reply

    We repeat what we suggested on FacebookL
    With best wishes and love!

    Anja Shanmugampilai October 21, 2015Reply

    I like the warm colors of the gold and the blue, is its mysterious, so I would give it the title Golden Mystery.

    Verne Larson October 21, 2015Reply

    The title of this painting should be – THE DIVINE ONENESS

    Guillaume Giraud October 21, 2015Reply

    Autumn reflections
    (and beautiful painting, by the way 😉 )

    Nahed Rushdy Squires October 21, 2015Reply

    Beautiful painting. I might call it One World.

    Marilyn Higgins October 21, 2015Reply

    I’d call it “Sea Change”

    nehemiah harmsen October 21, 2015Reply

    golden dragon sky

    Name October 21, 2015Reply

    One Planet

    Beth Yazhari October 21, 2015Reply

    “One Planet”

    Christie Wrighth-Badiian October 21, 2015Reply

    Wild Blue Yonder
    Shifting Tides

    Cees Daniëls October 21, 2015Reply

    amalgamation into a new world

    kim October 21, 2015Reply

    “one world”

    Mary Trainor October 21, 2015Reply

    “Flow of the World’s People”

    Pat Morrissey October 21, 2015Reply

    Blue phoenix

    Vicki Morrison Goble October 21, 2015Reply

    I see many things in this painting. I was instantly reminded of wild horses running, so my first suggestion is:
    “Wild Horses” or “Running Horses”
    I also see a trumpet, so another idea is:
    “Golden Trumpet” or “Trumpet of Gold” or “The Trumpet Call”
    Then I see an angel flying over all, so it could be:
    “Angelic Blessing” or “Angel Blessing”
    Or how about one of these:
    “Golden Desert”
    “Wild Skies”
    “Blue Skies”
    “Chaotic Beauty”

    Berekhet Claudia October 21, 2015Reply


    Karen La Clair October 21, 2015Reply

    Everything God created was perfect so I am thinking of the fist in succession of our existion…
    “And He Created Earth”

    Tricia Hague-Barrett October 21, 2015Reply

    I love this. It so reminds me of “NEW WORLD” OR “ANCIENT BEGINNINGS” however I truly love all suggestions.

    Farhan October 21, 2015Reply

    Save water; you cannot drink gold

    Lorna October 21, 2015Reply

    River of Gold

    milton litchard October 21, 2015Reply

    Planet Dreams

    Robin René October 21, 2015Reply

    The Winds of Time

    Rhonda Branneky October 21, 2015Reply

    Hi Elika how are you? I would call this work “sunny seas”. Lots of love, in the name of Baha’i, your sister, Rhonda Branneky in Amsterdam

    nishat ruiter October 21, 2015Reply

    Wings of Magellan
    I’m reminded of a passage from a meditation by Abu’l-Qasim Faizi describing a memory of Shoghi Effendi:
    At this hour as I stand at the window of my hotel room and gaze at the beautiful stretch of water called “The Straits of Magellan”, I think of you; thousands, nay millions, of waves like unto white feathered pigeons, emerge from the invisible horizons and approach the shores, I take them as messages of love and prayers which have taken wings throughout eternity.

    Gayl de Boer October 21, 2015Reply

    Just love the painting and love also all the suggestions given for a title – difficult to choose –
    Golden Azure
    Rivers of Gold
    Rushing Waters of the Divine

    Gloria Eshrati October 21, 2015Reply

    Golden light of guidance!It seems new light is emerging. Although some are frightened and running away but the fact that this powerful divine light is shining on all is a joyous message.

    Stephen Boyce October 21, 2015Reply

    Venus flowing gracefully

    Ferida Khanjani October 21, 2015Reply

    Golden Leaves Globe

    Corinne Spingarn October 21, 2015Reply

    World Piece or World Peace

    tony October 21, 2015Reply

    I think that I would call it New World

    Dagm Eshetu October 21, 2015Reply

    Illumination of the world with Dayspring of Divine Revelation

    Azeen Tashakkor October 21, 2015Reply

    Towards the Baha’i Golden Age, or
    In anticipation of the golden age, or
    The Golden Age of the Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh, or
    Blissful Commonwealth

    Sally October 21, 2015Reply

    B612-Planet of Little Prince

    Helena Vasco October 21, 2015Reply

    Congratulations Elika! Your painting is beautiful!
    I thought of “The globe is our country”.

    Marshall October 21, 2015Reply

    Blue Dragon,Gold Flames

    Robbie October 21, 2015Reply

    I immediately see a stormy golden Earth

    Mari October 21, 2015Reply

    Climate Reality

    Sepideh Harris October 21, 2015Reply

    possible title; “I have created thee rich”.

    jaleh October 22, 2015Reply

    I love “Golden Age”

    jaleh October 22, 2015Reply

    Beautifully done!

    Bente Gustafsson, Sweden October 22, 2015Reply

    And He created the land and the sea

    ladan October 22, 2015Reply

    New Life

    Eric October 22, 2015Reply

    May be “Sun of dream”.

    Roger Hamrick October 22, 2015Reply

    Elika, I am reminded of the art therapy work I once did with my students before retirement. We used a process we called “press art” to create similar looking images. Perhaps the phrase, “Press on to meet the dawn!” is appropriate to consider as a title, or some derivative of that phrase. In the meantime, “press on!”

    Udo Lingemann October 22, 2015Reply

    Dear Elika,
    I would call it
    Golden Haven on Earth

    Alexandra October 22, 2015Reply

    Peaceful Gold or Golden dreams

    Jene Bellows October 22, 2015Reply

    “Dragon in the Sun!”
    or: “China in the Sun”
    “China’s New Day”

    Jene Bellows October 22, 2015Reply

    “Dragon in the Sun”
    “China and the New Day!”
    China’s New Light”

    Mojdeh Mutale October 22, 2015Reply

    “Nature Evolving”
    “Evolve like Nature”
    ” Evolve into the Golden Age”

      tony October 22, 2015Reply

      new world changing

    Joy Edmonson October 22, 2015Reply

    Beautiful painting! I would call it “Dragons Dancing in the Sun”

      Christine Wright-Badiian October 23, 2015Reply

      Trade Winds of the Divine or simply Divine Tade Winds

    Navid Aminian October 22, 2015Reply

    Our Golden Home
    Our Only Home
    We Live Here

    Mary Tanyi October 23, 2015Reply

    What comes into my mind when I look at the painting is tranquil waters reflecting beautiful blue skies and the promise of a sunny and golden day. So I will call it GOLDEN PROMISE.

    Marcia Brehmer October 23, 2015Reply

    Some suggestions:
    “The Ocean of His Utterances”
    “Immerse yourselves is the Ocean of My Words”
    ” The Shoreless Oceans of My incorruptible wealth”
    “The Uncharted Ocean of God”
    “The Ocean of the Grace of Baha”

    Addis Fryback October 23, 2015Reply

    Dear Elika, very beautiful painting! Far from pretending to know the real name for it as it is your creation, this is what come to my mind when I look at it:
    Texture of Hope
    Dragon’s Eye
    Muddle Thoughts
    Win Ripples
    Amber Ripples
    Golden Illusions
    Swirling Potential
    Eddies of life
    Mixed Emotions

    amos October 25, 2015Reply

    I would call it ‘ the golden age’

    Jai Kenyatta Anderson October 25, 2015Reply


    John Collins October 25, 2015Reply

    Blue Angel
    Blue Angel Planet
    Equality of Man and Woman

    Elika October 27, 2015Reply

    Thank you all for your creative suggestions. You made it very difficult for me to choose one! The title chosen is ‘Oceans of Gold’ by Gisou Ravanbaksh. Congratulations Gisou!

    zoa francis October 30, 2015Reply

    Hi dear friend!hope is not to’o late .was out of internet places because of pionieering purpose in a rural area.let then suggest LIFE for the title.

    Harry November 1, 2015Reply


    Jerome March 21, 2016Reply

    The Mysterious horseman

      Alexandra March 22, 2016Reply

      Divine Springtime or Streams of Life

    Adrian Radu April 18, 2018Reply

    Rich in Togethersness

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