Greater than Forgiveness

Greater than Forgiveness

I have been searching for this quotation for a long time and recently came upon it when I was organizing my papers at my desk. I love photography so I decided to use one of the photos I took on my recent visit to Haifa, Israel (Baha’i World Centre) to use as the background to the text. Below is the photo with the lovely quotation written by Marjory Morten about The Greatest Holy Leaf, Bahiyyih Khanum on the theme of forgiveness. For the full quotation please see below the photo.

“We ought to show something greater than forgiveness in meeting the cruelties and stricture in our lives.  To be hurt and to forgive is saintly, but far beyond this is the power to comprehend and not be hurt.  This power we may have – acceptance without complaint – and it should become associated with our name.  We ought never to be known to complain or lament.  It is not that we make the best of things, but that we may find in everything, even in calamity itself, the germ of enduring wisdom.  We ought not to resist the shocks and upheavals of life, nor run counter to obstacles, we ought never to be impatient.  We ought to be as incapable of impatience as we would to revolt.  This is not being so much ‘long suffering’ as a quiet awareness of the forces that operate in the hours, days or years of waiting and inactivity.  Always we ought to move with the larger rhythm, the wider sweep towards our ultimate goal, in that complete acquiescence, that perfect accord which underlies the spirit of the Faith itself.”
-Written by Marjory Morten about The Greatest Holy Leaf, Bahiyyih Khanum: “The Passing of Bahiyyih Khanum” in ‘Crystalizations’, page 174.


    Name October 22, 2013Reply

    Dear Elika,
    Wow, thank you for sharing! I remember reading this quote some time back. It’s an incredible one! And should anyone want a glimpse into the life of Abdu’l-Baha, this quote would be an awesome way to start! It says it all!
    Love the photo too!
    Biggest hugs to family! 🙂

    Sue Emmel October 22, 2013Reply

    Elika, I especially love this quote, too, but before circulating an error in attribution, please check the In Memoriam page on the passing of Bahiyyih Khanum in the 1932-1934 Volume of The Baha’i World? I believe you will find that this quote was written ABOUT Bahiyyih Khanum, not BY her. If I remember correctly, the actual author of the quote was Mabel Rice Wray, the woman who wrote the remembrance. Thank you so much…
    All the best,

    Jaleh October 23, 2013Reply

    I so love this quote that when I made a package for my children I included it so they would always refer to it!
    Love u

    Elika October 23, 2013Reply

    Dear Sue, Thank you so much for your note. I will definitely look into this. I found the quotation on a print out with these words at the bottom of the quotation ‘-Attributed to Bahiyyih Khanum “The Passing of Bahiyyih Khanum” by Marjorie Morton in ‘Crystalizations’, page 174’ but I’m happy to look into it further. Many thanks

    Elika October 30, 2013Reply

    Thank you Brent and Sue. I have corrected the photograph and reposted it with the correct attribution. Many thanks for finding the source Brent.

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    I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

    Ann Hoff-Fanaian October 7, 2021Reply

    Thanks for the quote. I had read it long ago and found it again because you posted it and it’s readily available through a quick internet search. This is one of my faves. If we could all strive for this station of being.

      Elika October 8, 2021Reply

      My pleasure. So glad you enjoy this quote as much as I do.

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