Childrens Song: Service is an Honor (free download)

About 3 months ago, I composed a song on the theme of prayer entitled ‘When we pray’ (with lyrics created by Farshid Kamali).  It was created for Ruhi Book 3, Grade 2 children’s classes so that the children can learn more about the theme of prayer through music.  So far it has been translated and recorded in Chinese and Russian!
A couple of days ago I composed a new song on the theme of service.  Farshid kindly assisted me once again with the lyrics and Shayan Kashani, one of the youth in my community, graciously played the guitar and composed the chords for the song.  I wanted a youthful and light feel to the song and was thrilled to hear the chords Shayan came up with.  Please feel free to download it below.

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