Live Video: Blessing For Women

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  • I recently blogged about my performance of a new song from ‘Birds of Love’ entitled ‘Blessing for Women’. For all of you that were not able to be there, I am sharing a live performance of the song at the piano!  This first arrangement of the song was played before the album was completed so it is a simpler version than what you will hear on the CD.  

    With the album version of this song, we really wanted to create a regal, dignified and empowering instrumentation to suit the wonderful words by Abdul-Bahá.   Jarome, my producer, endeavored to create a noble and lofty feeling in the song through the combination and arrangement of the instruments used – the English horn, oboe and cello.  
    My favorite part of the quote used in ‘Blessing for Women’ is “Give her heavenly power and strengthen her through the breaths of the Holy Spirit…”.  The song is not only about empowering women but also about her asking for assistance and power in times of need.  The piece awakens the significance of the high station of women and the important role that women play in modern society.  I hope the music reflects the power and beauty of the words in this song.  
    I now also have my own YouTube channel where I feature all my videos.  You can view it here, and can subscribe to it so you get updates on the latest ones.  Enjoy!
    Quote of the Day:
    “O Lord! Help this daughter of the Kingdom to be exalted in both worlds; cause her to turn away from this mortal world of dust and from those who have set their hearts thereon and enable her to have communion and close association with the world of immortality. Give her heavenly power and strengthen her through the breaths of the Holy Spirit that she may arise to serve Thee. Thou art the Mighty One.”


      Sherri February 22, 2009Reply

      Dear Elly,
      Congratulations on the birth of your new CD and the success you’re having with it! You deserve it. Also, great new website.

      Elika March 9, 2009Reply

      Thanks Sherrijoon. So glad you like the new website. 😀

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