Happy Nawruz!

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  • I’m thinking of all my family and friends at this special time of year – Nawruz – which is the Baha’i New Year.  It is the last day of the fast and I look forward to the next year with feelings of anticipation, joy and excitement.  There are several more music projects in the works and I’m so eager to share all that we’re working on.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have supported me in my music and sharing it with your friends.  Hoping you have a Happy Nawruz and a fantastic year ahead!


      Jarome March 21, 2009Reply

      Happy Naw Ruz Elika!
      Hope this year brings more success for your music than ever before, and lots of joy and happiness in finding the perfect balance in your life, and reward from all you do!
      Thanks for sharing your talents with the world and allowing me to assist with that.

      jaleh March 22, 2009Reply

      Happy Naw- Ruz to you too my sweet and precious one! Loooking forward to years of wonderful music from your side to fill our hearts with joy amd sustain our souls with wonder.
      Thanks for all your wonerful talents

      Alex March 22, 2009Reply

      In the spirit of Naw-Ruz, may the year ahead reveal ever new spiritual treasures from your consecrated soul –
      ‘Nou Ruz piruz baad’!

      Elika March 26, 2009Reply

      Dear Jarome – thank you for your amazing talent as a producer and for helping my music to be heard by so many more people. I look forward to all our ideas turning into a reality so that we can share a lot more great music with others. Wishing you a joyous and rewarding year ahead too.
      Jalehjoon – what can I say… you’re always so full of love and support and enthusiasm in everything I do. Thanks for all your encouragement.
      Thanks for the kind Nawruz wishes Alex. Hoping you have an amazing year ahead.

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