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I came across this video and really enjoyed watching Tracy Chapman performing with Pavarotti.  They have such different styles and yet they managed to pull off an entertaining performance.  I was intrigued to see how they would mix his operatic Italian style and her English folky voice in one song but they seemed to play it safe and not overlap too much which was wise as their voices are quite distinct.
I think what struck me most was realizing how often Pavarotti would support, collaborate and perform with other musicians.  In our competing society, it is unusual to see an artist perform with varying musicians all the time and I think that’s what made Pavarotti quite unique. I believe he also showed a sense of humility and creativity in his willingness to collaborate with so many artists.
I often share with musician friends of mine that we need to give more support and encouragement to each other rather than mimicking the competitive nature that exists in the artistic community.  Our society is infected with the attitude of wanting to be the top of one’s field and stay ahead of others rather than excelling because we are motivated to fulfil our own potential.  There is room for many gems to shine…  To play my part and show some support, I have a little table in our livingroom where I have displayed CDs from several of my musician friend’s for sale.  It is a joy to be able to assist and support them whenever I can.


    Jarome September 23, 2009Reply

    A great point Elika, and in fact, music industry experts like Tim Sweeney will tell you that competition between artists is one of the worst things for their career, and can actually negatively affect their success!
    Luckily, old ways are changing amongst those who are informed

    Sallyanne September 24, 2009Reply

    Dearest Elika,
    What true words…yes it is balm to the soul to see and hear the collaborations that Pavarotti did…and to hear you standing for the same principled approach as you share your own gifts and spiritual journey. Elika thank you so much for this!
    With lots of love,

    jaleh September 24, 2009Reply

    Thanks for your beautiful vision. I so loved to hear your point! we are all changing and finding the true path that Baha’u’llah wants us to be on and many of our old accepted views must change so we may have the betterment of the world established… We all have a long long way to go but taking little steps towards that ultimate world for unity, love, colaboration, devotion and cooperation.
    love you dearly

    jaleh September 24, 2009Reply

    i love your blogs Elly and always so look forward to reading them. thanks for this gift of love

    Elika September 27, 2009Reply

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. Lovely to hear from you all.

    Varya October 7, 2009Reply

    I think it is one of the best performances from the Pavarotti and Friends (was it?) series. What you said above is so true. Thanks for sharing, dear.

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