New Chinese Song: God is Sufficient

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  • Over the weekend I had the opportunity to share and test out a couple of the pieces from the upcoming spiritual Chinese CD with some friends.  The first one I shared is called ‘God is Sufficient’ sung in 3 languages – Chinese, English and Arabic.  You can read more about it in a previous blog.  Eric Harper’s guitar adds another element of beauty to the piece and 2 more talented musicians, Keith Williams and Phil Morrison, graciously accepted to contribute the main instruments – the piano and the bass.  They make such a wonderful team and their light jazzy feel was perfect for the song.  Initially we wanted all the songs on the CD to have a Chinese flavor but we wanted to arrange this piece with multi-cultural elements, rather than make it traditional Chinese.   The project has taken longer than we had anticipated and we hope it will be ready in the coming months.
    The response of my friends to the song was heart-warming.  They were moved by it and especially hearing it sung in different languages with 3 different voices was a lovely surprise for some.  It is one of my favorite pieces on the CD so far and I can’t wait for you to hear it.  One of the highlights (besides Cheng Lin’s angelic voice in Chinese) is hearing Siria Rutstein singing the English part.  Initially I was singing the English and the Arabic vocals but I love Siria’s voice, and I have always wanted to record a song with her so this was the perfect opportunity.  She is the youngest of all the musicians involved in the project (by far) and her voice truly adds a sense of peace, calm and beauty.  Thanks Siria and Lin!  I feel truly blessed to have collaborated with 6 amazing musicians on this song alone!


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