A Passion for One Possession

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  • There is one possession in my life that I really don’t think I could easily live without.  I would say that I’m even attached to it because the one time I didn’t have one, I went through withdrawal symptoms!  You may not be surprised to know that I’m talking about my piano!  🙂  When I moved from the US to Hong Kong over 10 years ago, I didn’t have a piano for the first couple of months.  I remember finding a piano store, walking in with such elation as though I had finally found a long-lost love.  Playing it brought me such joy and exhilaration.  When I left the store I was in tears as I realized how much I had missed singing and composing on the piano.
    Over the last 10 years I have been composing instrumental pieces and have been encouraged by many friends and especially my husband to get them recorded.  So about a year ago I started the process of practicing them as they are quite intricate pieces.  They have required many hours of practice on the piano to reach a level I’m content with.  It has been a challenging process working on perfecting them but I’m glad to say that I have now completed three of them.  They are mostly in the minor keys which tend to sound more emotional and melodious but I’m working on one of them in the major key too!  I still haven’t decided when to release them but I will definitely keep you posted and will share more about them soon.


      Sarmad August 11, 2009Reply

      Oh wow! We definitely look forward to hearing some of THAT magic! 🙂 Love to your wonderful family. 🙂

      Jarome August 16, 2009Reply

      What a great post Elika! Fascinating stuff, please keep sharing these gems about your past.

      jaleh September 1, 2009Reply

      Elly i am so excited to hear your instrumentals that i know you have worked hard on. Your music is ever present in not onloy our daily lives but in most people’s who have your music, It is a part of our quiet meditation time, when we have study circles or devotional gatherings and at all times of sadness and joy it bring much solace to our hearts. Can never say thank you enough. well done my beloved one

      jaleh January 22, 2010Reply

      Love reading your blogs over and over again and again! thanks for this joy love! 😉

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