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I crave silence – especially during those times when I have the urge to create.  I have a passion for many types of the arts, but I find that the one that requires the longest period of silence is composing.  While it is challenging to describe how the creative process unfolds, I find that it is often the case that an intense and meaningful conversation will spark my inspiration.  Other times if I am in a pensive mood the melodies flow much more easily.  In the past friends have also requested that I set their favorite passage to music, and this is always a challenge and joy.  A few years ago, a dear friend’s father passed away so I set the ‘Prayer for the Departed’ to music to be sung at his memorial (this piece is included on ‘Fire and Gold’).  Another dear friend got married in our home and as a surprise I set to music a passage from the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha’s on marriage and surprised her by singing it at her wedding.  I was so touched that both she and her husband were both in tears!    (My next project is to produce a marriage CD on which this track will be included).

These days the difficulty is finding the time to create.  My time is usually occupied with being the mother of two sweet children and other responsibilities so I feel it is so much harder to be a clear channel.  I am now trying to dedicate a few hours a week to just have silence so that I can enjoy and experience those moments of bliss when a melody is inspired.  


Thought of the Day:

“Through the power and charm of music the spirit of  man is uplifted.” 



    Jarome January 11, 2008Reply

    Of course I concur regarding silence. I have blogged about it also. My work is listening over and over to sound every day, so I need that silence to rest my ears and mind. I have found it is so important to my effective functioning that I need to meditate almost daily just to keep a balance. It can be challenging but so rewarding.
    Elika you didn’t mention that your marriage project is not just a CD but an amazing gift package… were working on it now!

    Elika January 15, 2008Reply

    Thanks Jarome for sharing how important silence is for you too. I imagine how much sound overload you must get in a day as a producer! And regarding the marriage CD, you’re right, it will be a beautiful gift package of which the CD is only one element. I look forward to blogging about it in more detail.

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