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  • I am delighted to start sharing some private performances of my music with you. A few weeks ago we recorded a video: ‘Whither can a lover go’. It is one of my favorite pieces from the first CD, ‘Melodies of the Nightingale’, which I collaborated on with Michele Brown-Ramirez and Fiona Doomun-Rouhani. I plan to share more videos featuring old and new material in the future.


      Anonymous July 17, 2008Reply

      My dear Elika,
      thank you for writing me. Boy this video sure brought back a lot of memories. I miss us singing together very much. There are a few songs we did that never got recorded, such as “The Essence of Love is for man to turn his heart . . .”
      Are you thinking of making a professional video of this piece? It is very good, if you did, I think you migh find someone to sing the harmony, I think it is very lovely with you singing it, but I guess I always felt the harmony and melody together really makes the piece complete.
      You sing so well, and with such devotion to God. It is so good to see you, albeit on Utube! I really lveo your cd’s and so does my son. Thank you for asking me to come see it, I really feel included in your life this way, which i have missed for years now. I understand I could reach out more myslef, I am sorry i have been severly tested and my mission is just to get through each day.
      Lovely video, girl!
      love you much Big kiss and hug,

      Sarmad July 18, 2008Reply

      Amazing! It brought back so many memories of us chanting this very same Hidden Word at our meetings in India and Africa. 🙂 It was wonderful seeing you actually playing it on the piano!
      God bless you for bringing such divine music to the world. 🙂

      Elika July 18, 2008Reply

      Dear Michele, so lovely to hear from you and to know that you enjoyed the video. Yes it brings back precious memories of us singing it together. I look forward to the day that we can sing it live together!
      Thank you dear Sarmad for your ever-encouraging words and support. It means so much. I would love to hear you sing this for me one day soon – better yet, we could sing it together next time you’re in Beijing! 🙂

      Nadia July 19, 2008Reply

      Dear Elika, thank you so much for this wonderful piece. I really enjoy it and every time I listen to it my heart starts singing. 🙂

      Elika July 20, 2008Reply

      Thanks dear Nadia for your sweet words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the music. I look forward to sharing more videos with you when they are ready.

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