The Final Countdown

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Thanks to all of you who have written such kind words in my guestbook and on the blog!  I am so excited to share ‘Fire and Gold’ with you.  Just another 13 days and it should be ready – yes – January 4, 2008 is the due date and I’m thrilled to say we’re early!!  J  The CDs will be pressed tomorrow and the printing of the cover and booklet have already begun.  Speaking of the cover, I am so delighted that it was home-made  – we took a photo of our fireplace and it came out beautifully.  Here is the design for ‘Fire and Gold’: 


This last month has definitely been challenging in completing the final stages of the CD.  Getting a license to press the CD, finding the right kind of glue, hunting for a high quality disc duplicating company and communicating in Chinese has had its share of challenges (thanks William and Agnes for those times I really needed help with translation)!  I feel as though I was being put to the test to really understand what the theme  of the CD is all about (tests and difficulties).

Some of you have asked how to get your own copy.  They will soon be available through CDbaby as well as on iTunes and other digital sites. 

Thought of the day: 

“Thou lookest upon them that are dear to Thee with the eyes of Thy loving-kindness, and sendest down for them only that which will profit them through Thy grace and Thy gifts.”



    Tarry December 23, 2007Reply

    Fantastic work! Congratulations and thank you for your beautiful singing : )

    Elika December 23, 2007Reply

    Thanks sweet one for all your love, support and patience. I love singing for you any day!

    Farnoosh January 6, 2008Reply

    AMAZING!! I hope everyone is touched by your music as much as I am! Let it enlighten all souls that hear your music.

    Vahid Mockon January 7, 2008Reply

    Hi Elika!
    I gotta hand it to you! Another superb project for a gifted artist.
    Enjoy listening to it, folks, the Elika way.

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