Baha’i Healing Prayer for Women

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  • Baha’i Healing Prayer for Women

    I’m happy to share a new video and recitation piece titled ‘Healing Prayer for Women’ in honor of my dear mother and aunt for International Women’s Day!
    Creating this video was a special experience as I sat next to my mother while she rested and recuperated from her treatment.  I would often consult her about the colors, fonts and the videos clips to use.  What a sweet blessing to have her input throughout the process. 
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    The music for this track is titled, ‘Commencement’ from my piano instrumental album ‘Glimmerings’.

    Healing Prayer for Women - Elika Mahony

    Reflections and Update

    Mum has been doing remarkably well in the last month of her treatment for lung cancer and I’m sure it’s due to all your prayers.  There are days she has more energy than I do (and I’m Fasting)!  Thank you again for all your loving and heartfelt prayers for her recovery.  

    While caring for my mother, I have been reflecting on how service to our loved ones, especially to our parents, draws us closer to God. This experience has helped me feel ever more deeply that service itself is the very purpose of life.  Especially during this time of the Fast, “every hour of which is endowed with a special potency”, it has been a wonderful gift to ponder such topics. 

    I would so appreciate you sharing this video with your friends who need healing and perhaps you could leave someone’s name in the comments who would like some healing prayers.  That way we can all pray for them. 

    🌹 My greatest wish for my music and videos are that they reach friends who need healing and upliftment.  Please feel free to share the video with anyone you think might benefit from it.

    Elika Mahony and Jaleh Ehsani

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