Resources on Love and Marriage

Resources on Love and Marriage

Resources on Love and Marriage

I am dedicating this month to couples around the world who are striving to build bonds of love and unity.

Over the last month I have collected thoughts from couples married for many years. ❤️

I have compiled them and added them to a blog on my website: ‘100 tips for a Happy and Healthy Marriage’ (in the comments section).  I hope you enjoy reading through and feel free to add any thoughts/tips you may have.

(If you are not yet married, I have something for you too down below…). 😀

Also I am happy to share a page on my website of resources on love and marriage with books we recommend and blog posts written on the subject (I love the theme of marriage)!  Check it out here.

For those of you not yet married, here is a link to a blog titled ”What to look for in a spouse’. I hope you find it useful.

The Birds of Love special ends on January 21st .  Click here to see the Birds of Love specials.  Only 2 Birds of Love deluxe bundles left! 🙂

On my Instagram post, I have added a time-lapse video of how I make the beaded bookmarks for the deluxe bundle! Enjoy!

Birds of Love deluxe bundle

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