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Invictus – A Song in Honor of Nelson Mandela

The world has just lost a remarkable man who touched and inspired the lives of so many. All over the world, people have written loving words in his memory and I felt the best way I could pay tribute to him is through music. Nelson Mandela found great solace in the poem ‘Invictus’ (Latin for unconquered or undefeated) while he was incarcerated. He had written out the poem on a scrap piece of paper to inspire him during the difficult times in the 27 years he was in prison. Last night as I was reflecting on the life of this great man, I felt inspired to set the poem to music and am sharing the recording I made this morning in honor of Nelson Mandela. ‘Invictus’ was written by William Henley in 1875.

Here is the link to listen to and purchase the recording of ‘Invictus’.

My son just created a video for the song ‘Invictus’. To view it click here.

Here is the link to find the original image created by Roberto Torralbas.


  1. Thank you so much, dear Elika!
    What a beautiful tribute to him and wonderful gift to us who will miss him.

  2. How absolutely wonderful!

  3. Thank you Roswitha and Bret. I truly felt the melody for this piece was inspired and I was just used as a channel. It was such a moving experience to be able to record it.

  4. Dear Elika thank you so much for this gift! Your voice, your music with it wonderful healing energy! It brought me to tears! So will it touch Nelson Mandela’s Soul in the next World! Thank you for doing this!

  5. Heavenly! Thank you!

  6. Beautiful as always… Thank you Elika!

  7. Very moving, Elika! A divine tribute to a great soul! Thank you so much!

  8. Yes your work is appreciated by many, and I hope it awakens human consciousness to the atrocities still being committed. Thank you loved one. Keep up the good work.

  9. A noble and powerful rendering to song of this poem…giving it wonderful meaning as well as a wonderful tribute to Mandela. Thank you.

  10. Beautiful, Elika! A beautiful tribute to such an important man!

  11. O Elika! What a gift you are sharing with us. Your voice is splendid, thank you! No more words, just prayers that the world can really be a better place for the so many who suffer injustice. / December 8, 2013 – See more at:

  12. Thank you all for your encouraging and kind words.

  13. Beautiful!

  14. Absolutely magnificent! Truly heavenly! Really beautiful! What a gift thanks love!

  15. Incredible! Thank you for sharing! I love this poem! :-)

  16. Mr. Mandela is singing with a heavenly chorus. Another beautiful, soulful and heartfelt musical composition. If all of us could manifest such kindness and forgiveness in our lives, think of what a peaceful world we could have. It is within our reach.

  17. Beautiful!

  18. Absolutely Glenn! Mr. Mandela is definitely surrounded and singing with a heavenly chorus! Thank you all so much!

  19. Wonderful and moving song, Elika. Thank you so much for writing and sharing that :)

  20. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much dear Elika…

  21. Absolutely beautiful ! Love It !

  22. Thank you, Elika :)!!! Moving and gentle.

  23. Awesome!!!
    Thanks for letting God use you as a channel to uplift us with your beaufitul music and your soothing voice :-)
    Best greetings from far-away Belgium.

  24. Thank you all! I feel very blessed Guillaume that God does use me as a channel to express creativity. It is such a joy and such a gift to tap into the creative spirit.

  25. My dearest Elika. I was finally able to hear this powerful, moving piece…. just blown away by the combination of the strength and timbre in your beautiful voice and the words as they unroll…. Thank you for composing this poem to music and sharing it with all of us for our inspiration. Much Love.

  26. nice one…

  27. Thanks dear Muni! I’m so glad you felt inspired by the piece. The words are so powerful so I felt inspired as I was singing the lyrics and was moved by the power in them. Thanks for your loving encouragement.

  28. I couldn’t hear the music because I can’t have flash player but I read the words and they are so beautiful
    What are we going to work out about the song I bought?


  29. I’m sorry you couldn’t hear the song Karen. I have attached all the songs to your email so hopefully you’ll be able to download them that way. Let me know if that works for you.

  30. the invictus is a very emotional becaus na characte3r is ahh prison ;’


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