Final Journey-a piano piece dedicated to a special lady

Final Journey-a piano piece dedicated to a special lady

Ann Byington Mahony, my dear mother-in-law, passed away early this morning very peacefully.  She truly was a remarkable woman – one of strength, confidence, independence, honesty, charm and elegance.  I admire her sense of adventure and her love of life as she would travel the world fascinated by other cultures, their history, people and architecture.  I remember when we traveled together, she was always interested in other people, who they were, where they were from and invariably would strike up a conversation with them so naturally and effortlessly.  I loved her sense of style and how she always looked so elegant and how immaculate and orderly she kept her home.  I always left our summer visits to her home feeling inspired and thinking of ways of improving myself and beautifying our home.

My first memory of Ann was when she came to visit Tarry and I at university (a few months before we were married).  I remember giving her a big hug and how she made me feel so comfortable around her. As I pondered her life today, I wondered what I could offer her to thank her for welcoming me with open arms into her family and treating me like a true daughter.  As I sat at the piano and felt her presence, I felt inspired to compose an instrumental piano piece in her honor.  The notes flowed so naturally and within a few minutes the melody came alive.  I decided to make a spontaneous recording of it.  I have titled it ‘Final Journey’ and wanted to share it with you here.

Download Final Journey here.

We have planted a tree in our garden in honor of Ann and have made hand written cards that we will place on the tree. I will miss Mom (as I always used to call her) but I know she will be looking out for us and taking care of us from a higher realm.  Mom – you will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Watch the video for ‘Final Journey’ below.


    Varya May 27, 2010Reply

    Big hugs to you and Tarry and much love from us.
    It is a beautiful piece of music. I am sure she’d love it too!

    felisha May 27, 2010Reply

    So sorry for your loss. You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers. The piece is lovely and it’s wonderful that you can honor her this way. Lots of love to you all.

    Zaynab May 27, 2010Reply

    Thank you for sharing this Elika joon, and please accept our warmest love and prayers for your family as she continues her spiritual journey. I can feel the love you have for her in the piece, it is beautiful!!

    Marshall Royse May 27, 2010Reply

    Beautiful, beautiful piece, but I found myself sad listening to it. I’m sorry for your loss.

    Jarome May 27, 2010Reply

    Sorry you’ve lost your dear mum in law. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Tarry.
    What a beautiful piece of music you were inspired to create as a result though!
    Just in awe at how swiftly you can create such magnificent works. God is truly working and breathing through you.
    Hope we can add it to the instrumental CD.

    Susan and Bijan May 27, 2010Reply

    I’m sorry to hear of your loss – and grateful for her flight to the Abha kingdom!! You and your family will be in our prayers!!

    Shohreh Moldenhauer May 27, 2010Reply

    Dear Elika; sorry for your loss and please know her soul is in our humble prayers.
    With love and sympathy. Shohreh

    Sana Honarmand May 27, 2010Reply

    It was a truly beautiful piece, it is a very reflective piece of music…God Bless her soul, and thank you Elika for sharing this inspirational piece of music with us.

    Xiaojie Zheng May 28, 2010Reply

    Thanks for sharing, dear Elika, it’s a very beautiful and insipirng piece! Prayers and thoughts are with you. Sending you a big hug!

    sigi and boaz May 30, 2010Reply

    Dear Elika,
    We think about you and keep you in our prayers.
    Please send Tarry our love.

    sigi and boaz May 30, 2010Reply

    We love the piano piece, it’s absolutly beautiful and emotional.

    Chris Wolfel May 30, 2010Reply

    this was absolutely amazing, not only was she a great mother-in-law she was the best grandmother in the world and when I listened to this i could see her just like she was still here, thank you so much i love and miss you

    sigi June 2, 2010Reply

    My father have just called me to tell me that my Dear grandma (his Mom) passed away,last night, tomorrow she’ll be the burried in Israel.
    I needed to listen to something comforting, the piano piece is just the perfect, perfect piece that I needed to listen to, I played it over and over.
    Thank you Dear Elika.

    Yuliya June 3, 2010Reply

    So sorry dear Elika and Tarry!
    big hugs!!

    Fiona June 3, 2010Reply

    Dearest Elika,
    So sorry to hear about Tarry’s mom. What a beautiful tribute. Please give him my love. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
    lots of love,

    Carol Rutstein June 4, 2010Reply

    Dearest Elika, How special that you were able to creat such beauty in honor of your “Mom”. It was so sweet to see you here and hear your tribute to her. I miss you and China!

    jaleh June 5, 2010Reply

    My Love Elly
    What a beautiful musical tribute for dear Ann who was also a great inspiration to me and a joyful example of such a fine personage. i loved her dearly and miss her beautiful spirit. thanks for your blog.

    jaleh June 5, 2010Reply

    This actually brought tears to my eyes! May the Almighty grant her admission within the precincts of His Mercy and glorify her station in worlds beyond. Give beloved Tarry so much love from all of us.

    Elika June 6, 2010Reply

    Thanks everyone for your loving support, prayers and comforting words. I was so touched by all of them. I am still amazed at how quickly the piano piece was inspired… I know that Ann loved listening to the piano so her spirit must have been present.
    Dear Sigi – so sorry to hear of the loss of your grandmother. I’m so glad that the music brought you solace also. Sending prayers your way. Lots of love.

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  • Bill Livermore March 17, 2011Reply

    Elika dear. I just found out that Ann passed away.. which is obvious now to me that she has not answered the telephone. I spoke with her from time to time.. always curious as to how Arthur is doing .. I see that Lew is well in SF and seems to be doing fine.
    We are all well.. .. miss Lew and Jinny very much.
    Give my very best to Tari.. and if you are ever in No Ca, get in touch.
    love to you all
    Bill Livermore

    Elika March 17, 2011Reply

    Hi Bill. Hope all is well with you and your family. We miss Ann and think of her often. She had a wonderful spirit. I will be sure to pass on your greetings to Tarry. Please pass on our greetings to your family too. 🙂

    Nawal June 13, 2013Reply

    Sorry Elika and Tarry for your loss. My prayer goes out for her soul progress, May God bestow upon her soul abundance of mercy. with my love to all your family. The final journey music is awesome. I like it ablor. Good luck Elika in your careers.

    Elika June 15, 2013Reply

    Thank you so much Nawal for your kindness and prayers.

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