Mom's Magnolia Tree

My mother-in-law’s funeral was held today.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there… In her honor we planted a Magnolia tree in our little garden and each member of our family wrote a special message on a card dedicated to her.  We laminated the cards, hung them on her tree and read our messages to her and said a few prayers for her soul.
Ironically, a month ago our pomegranate tree died because of the very cold winter this year so in it’s place we planted the Magnolia tree for Mom (each of the trees in our garden belong to a member of the family and the pomegranate tree was hers when she was alive).
Everyday, as I water our garden, I look at her beautiful tree and am reminded of her lovely soul and the gift she gave me – her son.
On the day of her passing, I composed an instrumental in her honor.  You can listen to it here.  We will be going back to her home town this summer to visit the family.  She will definitely be missed.


    Bernie June 13, 2010Reply

    So touching Elika, I am sure the tree will carry beautiful flowers next spring and cheer your hearts with beauty and delight !

    sigi June 13, 2010Reply

    such a nice idea Elika, please send Emilia and Teraz our love, I’m sure it’s not easy for them too.

    jaleh June 14, 2010Reply

    We also decided to plant a magnolia tree in our new garden in her memory! thanks for the lovely thought.

    Leila June 14, 2010Reply

    El, listening to the piece composed in her honor…beautiful.

    Elika June 18, 2010Reply

    Thanks dear ones. The tree brings us much joy! Can’t wait for the yellow flowers to bloom next year.

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