A Spiritual Reunion

How does one describe a journey that one takes that is so sacred in nature and transformative in spirit?  When I reflect on the past several days I spent on a short Baha’i Pilgrimage, I am filled with feelings of awe, tranquillity, bliss, immense joy, rejuvation, purpose and renewed vision.  I think if I were to sum up the trip to the Baha’i World Centre in one word, I would have to use the word love.  There were times I felt so much love that I could hardly contain it.  My senses were so acute on all levels taking in the beauty of the gardens, the joy of being around such wonderful people (including my lovely family) and being able to experience prayer and meditation like never before.  I had the bounty of spending a lot of time praying, thinking and meditating in the Shrine of Baha’u’llah (where the Prophet founder of the Baha’i Faith is laid to rest).  It felt as though I had returned home – a spiritual reunion is the term that comes to mind.   I felt a lot of peace, joy and exhileration and by the end of each day was quite exhausted with all the emotion I had experienced during the day.
Praying and meditating in those sacred places felt so effortless and natural.  My one concern upon leaving was how would I continue to feel such joy and bliss and closeness with my Creator.  After some time meditating upon this, I decided to come up with a schedule for myself for when i return home in order to remember my priorities.  Three qualities come to mind when I reflect on how to reorient my life and being vigilant with my new schedule – being systematic, sustaining my new routine and maintaining self-discipline.  I return to my life with full vigor, spiritual vitality and purpose!


    sigi guy May 21, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika, I agree with you, LOVE reflects from the Baha’i faith, that’s the word I would use to describe the Baha’i people, the Baha’i faith and the energy at the gardens.
    Sending you lots of love.

    Elika May 21, 2009Reply

    Thank you dearest Sigi! So lovely to hear from you. Hoping you and the family are doing very well. Lots of love.

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