A glimpse of The Divine Mystery

A glimpse of The Divine Mystery

I’m excited to share a video with a glimpse of the inside of ‘The Divine Mystery’ booklet-album. Take a look here: ‘The Divine Mystery’ – a preview’


The booklet-albums arrived last week and I got teary when I first saw them! It was so moving to see before my eyes the fruition of months of hard work and the effort of many talented friends. I am now adding the unique codes to each booklet and placing them in the chiffon bags so they can be given as gifts.  I’m grateful that 1/4 of my stock is already sold!  

If you would like to pre-order, please click here (there are special discounts for bundles of 5, 10 or more). 

I would like to acknowledge and thank my Patrons for their generous support of my music and with their help in the making of the album ‘The Divine Mystery’. To learn more about Patreon, click here.

>>> Watch the video <<<

To watch the videos for the songs released so far from the album ‘The Divine Mystery’ click on the titles below:

Blessings Upon You
Waves of One Sea
We Must Look Higher
Solace of My Soul

To pre-order ‘The Divine Mystery’, click here

The Divine Mystery booklet-album

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