Songs of Solace

Songs of Solace

Songs of Solace

During these challenging times, I felt inspired to compile a number of songs on the theme of solace and upliftment.  These songs are chosen from all my albums released over the course of the last 20 years.

This compilation album, ‘Songs of Solace’, includes The Long Healing Prayer, the prayer for natural disasters, prayers for protection and assistance, and prayers to be recited during times of difficulty.

My aim in releasing this album now is so that you can share it with friends who are going through difficult times. We all need words of comfort and these songs were specially chosen to bring solace, protection and healing.

The album is available to download digitally.  You can input whatever amount you wish as I would like to make the music accessible to as many friends as possible.

Sharing the album with friends and neighbours

You can send it as a gift by clicking ‘Send as gift’.  I have also prepared a beautiful graphic of all the lyrics that can be downloaded together with a message that your friends will receive when they download the whole album (see photo of message below ).

Click here to download/send as a gift ‘Songs of Solace’ 

If you have many friends you want to send the album to, please email me directly and I can consult with you about how to share the album with your neighbours and friends in need.


I just launched my Patreon page!  

Patreon is a wonderful platform that allows people to contribute monthly to an artist’s work, becoming a ‘patrons of the arts’.

If you would like to support my music and the making of future projects, please check out my Patreon page and consider joining my Patreon family. I will be sharing exclusive music downloads and behind-the-scenes for Patrons.

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Watch the video below where I share more about the album Songs of Solace

Songs of Solace

Songs of Solace greeting card

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