A Radiant Heart – new video

A Radiant Heart – new video

A couple of years ago I met Susan Sheper, a talented videographer, and I thought to myself at the time, “I would love to work with her!”

I am so happy to share that I have now had that opportunity!

With the support of my 48 Patrons, I was able to hire Susan and she has produced a stunning video with shots of the Holy Land to accompany my song “A Radiant Heart”.

>>> Watch A Radiant Heart <<<

I felt it was especially timely to release this video now because currently no one can visit the Baha’i World Centre and as such we are unable to experience in person the beauty and spirit of the sacred places associated with Bahá’u’lláh and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.

The video is designed to take the viewer on a journey through a number of the Baha’i Holy Places and to give us a sense of being present in those beautiful and tranquil surroundings.

I chose the song ‘A Radiant Heart’ to accompany the video as its words are from the first Hidden Word which Baha’u’llah says contains the key to our spiritual growth.  It is also special to me as I sang it as a duet with my daughter.  Thank you Milly joon!

The video can be used for devotionals, Feasts, Holy Days or any occasion to uplift spirits.

I hope this video brings you as much joy as it does for me.

Thank you once again to all the Patrons who made this video possible.  I am truly grateful.

To join my Patreon family and enable more of these creative projects: https://patreon.com/elikamahony

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    Jarome August 23, 2020Reply

    Wonderful to see your music enhanced to this level of quality Elika! Congratulations.

    Elika Mahony August 24, 2020Reply

    Thank you so much Jarome. So glad you enjoyed the video. It’s a special one!

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