Music for the Bahai Fast

Music for the Bahai Fast

Music for the Bahá’í Fast – Spotify Playlist

The Bahá’í Fast has begun and it is one of the most inspiring times of the year for me.  I find that there is a special creative spirit that I love to tap into.
This year, I thought it would be lovely to collect some of my favourite songs and create a Spotify playlist of music for the Bahá’í Fast.  I have included many wonderful musicians that I’m sure you will love to listen to.
Here is the link to follow the playlist so that you can listen to your heart’s content (or you can listen below by scrolling to the bottom of this blog post).
>>> Spotify Playlist for the Bahá’í Fast <<<
Please share with friends you think might be interested in listening.
If you haven’t yet heard ‘Meditations for the Fast’ CD (an album I released a few years ago of my favourite quotations for the Fast, be sure to listen here.

Lofty Notes – Facebook Group

One more treat…  Every day of the Fast, I will be posting an inspiring piece of music on my facebook group called ‘Lofty Notes’.  I hope you will join me and a community of friends as we nourish our spiritual appetite during the fast!
If you are fasting, let me know how it’s going and what inspires you during this time.
Last year I did a Facebook live video sharing some thoughts on the fast and what inspired my album ‘Meditations for the Fast’.

Cover of Meditations for the Fast

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