Timelapse video of The Exalted One

Timelapse video of The Exalted One

Timelapse Video

Thank you for your support of ‘The Exalted One’.   I am so thrilled to be receiving emails and posts from friends around the world who have opened their packages with the new album.  Thank you for sending them in. 🙂

I recently made a timelapse video of how each album is prepared – it’s quite the intricate process!  Click here to watch it.

Just a reminder that each CD package has a unique download code inside for you to download the music if you don’t have a CD player (see photo below).

Online Platforms

The album is now available on Spotify, apple music, and other online platforms.

On my next blog, I look forward to sharing a video from one of the songs on the album. Stay tuned….

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The Exalted One download code

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