Special rewards for my Kickstarter

Special rewards for my Kickstarter

I feel truly blessed by all the love and support I’ve received since the Kickstarter started!  We have already reached over 50% of our goal for the Kickstarter campaign after only 24 hours!  Thank you for your kind support.
[Update – Since this blog post we have now funded the album.  Any additional funds received will be used for an additional album in honor of Abdu’l-Bahá.  Thank you for continuing to spread the word].
For the last 6 months I have been planning and creating special rewards for my Kickstarter project.
Below are just a few of the unique rewards that will only be available during this 30 day period and one is almost sold out! (Below is a photo collage of a few rewards).


  • Chinese Calligraphy Scroll – The scrolls were specially commissioned for this campaign by an outstanding Chinese calligrapher. SOLD OUT!
  • Twin Bicentenary Album Set – receive copies of both of my Bicentenary music albums: The Ancient Beauty (released in honor of the Bicentenary of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh in 2017) and “The Exalted One” in honor of the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb.
  • Prayer Beads + Silk Box –  I had such a great time choosing the gorgeous gold and green clasps and the 95 water pearls for the prayer beads.  Each is packaged in a deep green silk box. Perfect for daily meditations.  Only 6 are left!
  • Lyric Print – a beautifully designed limited edition Lyric Print of the piece ‘Unto Thee I Repair For Refuge’.
  • Paintings – Original abstract acrylic paintings with a circular motif representing spheres of unity, oneness and harmony in multiple shades of green. One of the paintings took me 6 months to complete!

As you may have noticed, many of these special rewards are various shades of green, a color often associated with The Báb.
Since the album “The Exalted One” is in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Birth of The Báb, I have incorporated the color green to invoke the memory of His life and the “divine springtime” that He announced.
To support and find all the rewards on kickstarter, click here: www.elikamahonykickstarter.com
Thank you for all your kind support in this campaign and for sharing the project with your friends.
Tomorrow morning at 7pm PST (10am Beijing time) I will be going live on Facebook to show you some of the rewards.  Join me on my facebook music page.
I am thinking of adding a few rewards since we are out of 2 of the rewards already!  Will keep you posted!


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