Performing with my daughter in Japan

Japan, beautiful Japan!  Our family just returned from an adventurous visit to the historic cities of Fukuoka, Yamaguchi and Kyoto!  The trip was in honor of our daughter’s high school graduation.
Japan has always had a special place in my husband’s heart as he discovered the Bahá’í Faith as a student in Yamaguchi.  So visiting as a family was a precious experience to see the places where he spent time as a youth.
My daughter and I had the pleasure of sharing our music while in Japan.   We performed three evenings in three different cities.  We sang compositions from several of my albums as well as a couple of our daughter’s new pieces for my upcoming CD for The Báb’s 200th birthday.
I have posted our performance in Japan on Youtube of one of my daughter’s songs titled ‘God is Sufficient’.  The recorded version will be on my upcoming album.
Click here to watch the performance.
I hope you enjoy!
Visiting Temples was a highlight of our trip but singing with my daughter is a memory I will treasure.
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    Sarmad Garmroud June 24, 2018Reply

    Absolutely awesome! How she’s grown! You two are amazing together! ❤️❤️❤️ And what a unique tune! ❤️❤️❤️

    Jaleh June 25, 2018Reply

    So beautiful!! Well done you both. What great combination of voices. I love it

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