Beautiful embossed Greatest Name art pieces

A couple of days ago I was experimenting with creating a new set of ‘Greatest Name’ art pieces (in black with gold embossing).  It is such a thrilling experience when one brainstorms an idea, reaches a decision and begins creating a new product.

Sometimes it takes awhile to know which path one should venture down as there are several ideas that could be developed.  After some consideration and asking friends on instagram stories, I ultimately chose to create the cards below (see photo).

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And in case you’re looking for music gifts, my CD ‘Meditations for the Fast’, is available in a discounted bundle of 5 CDs (and includes a gift of a beautiful silk prayer book cover).

Discounted package of 5 CDs for the fast with a gift prayer book cover

>Fast CD bundle + gift prayer book cover<
Also, in case you didn’t see it, I recently made my first live FB video sharing my art studio workspace and some new creations! Click here to watch it.

Greatest Name embossed cards

Antique Gold Greatest Name embossed cards

Greatest Name cards

Greatest Name cards with gold embossing

Ayyam-i-Ha cards

Ayyam-i-Ha cards handmade with elegant Japanese paper and gold ribbon

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