The Ancient Beauty digital downloads now available!

I have some good news and some bad news.
The good news is that “The Ancient Beauty” is now ready for full digital download!  Simply click here to purchase. If you have already pre-ordered the CD you should have received an email with a code for the digital download.
The bad news is that there were some issues with the sample CD sent by the duplicator and this may delay the release of the physical album by a week or so. Our team has been trying to solve the problem but the language barrier (technical music production terms in Chinese) is not easy!
Please keep the project in your prayers.
Whenever I am feeling challenged, I love reading the quotation below as it brings me peace of mind.  The red rose is from our garden!
Rose quotes - Elika Mahony


    Leonard Williams May 31, 2017Reply

    Birds of Love, flocking together; Is a moment of tested patience.

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