An important reminder

With all the chaos, disunity and unhappiness in the world today, I wanted to share this beautiful quotation and important reminder from the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha.
Cleanse ye your eyes


    Kimberly Gila March 30, 2016Reply

    Beautiful quotation the world is in turmoil. We bahais are fortunate to have the faith and writings to keep us grounded.

    Sarmad Garmroud March 30, 2016Reply

    Amazing! 🙂

    Sylvia Schulman Benatar March 31, 2016Reply

    Thanks, Elika! When will all the world observe this?!

    Jene Bellows March 31, 2016Reply

    This is the greatest comfort to know this! I mean knowing this deep in one’s soul.

    jaleh April 1, 2016Reply

    So lovely! Thanks my love dearest love.

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