New Painting: 'African Blaze'

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It’s always interesting to see what abstract paintings evoke in people as well as the stories that unfold in one’s mind. For the past few days I have been asking for suggestions for a title for my new abstract painting and am grateful for all the responses I have received. I asked that the word ‘Africa’ be used somehow in the title and the suggestions were very creative. There were several that I loved and as usual it was difficult to choose one.   In the end, I chose “African Blaze” by Brent Poirier. Thank you so much for your suggestion Brent.
I have a special connection with Africa as I was raised in Kenya from the age of five and left when I was eighteen. Some of the memories that have stayed with me most are those from travels within Kenya. In particular, I remember visiting the Maasai Tribe and being mesmerised by their jumping dance, the ‘adumu’, while chanting and singing in their colourful red clothing (which represents power and strength in their culture). I also loved seeing their intricate hairstyles and how creatively they use clay and red ochre to colour their hair.  This painting evokes those memories for me.
Here is the link to ‘African Blaze’ FOR SALE on ETSY.  The size of the painting is: Length 60.5 cm (23.8 inches), Width 30cm (11.8 inches).
And here is the link to the previous two paintings completed: Maasai Gold and Arrival of Spring.  Enjoy!
African Fire small file


    Marshall September 27, 2015Reply

    Wow,the gold and red, with white or silver! I like it!

    Elika September 27, 2015Reply

    Thank you Marshall! So glad you like it.

    Sarmad September 27, 2015Reply

    Love it! 🙂

    Elika October 14, 2015Reply

    Thanks Sarmad. 🙂

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