Commemoration of the Martyrdom of The Bab

Today, all around the world, Baha’is commemorate the Martyrdom of The Bab.  I would like to share one of the prayers that The Bab revealed and that I have set to music. It is entitled, ‘Remover of Every Anguish’.

Remover of every anguish


    Firooz R. Oskooi July 10, 2015Reply


    Ernie Acevedo July 11, 2015Reply

    Your music evokes beauty and grace. Thank you I love it. I’ll be ordering soon!

    Sarmad July 22, 2015Reply

    Just listened to it again, dear Elika. Beautiful!

    Elika July 22, 2015Reply

    Thank you so much Firooz, Ernie and Sarmad!

    Ana July 9, 2016Reply

    Just wonderful dear Elika!! Thank you!

    Elika July 9, 2018Reply

    My pleasure Ana.

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