An interview with 9 Star Media

I am thrilled to share an interview with 9 Star Media (a Baha’i inspired media website) about my album, ‘Infinite Bounty’. The in depth interview discusses what inspires me to create, what effect I hope my music will have on the listener and what I learned in the process of creating the album (among other questions).  The interview also includes two videos that were created for the album.  I so enjoyed answering the questions as it enabled me to reflect more deeply about the process of making this CD and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share more about the making of the album.  Here’s the link to the interview.
I would appreciate if you could kindly spread the word about the interview with friends who may not know about ‘Infinite Bounty’. And please do add your voice to the comments section below the interview.
Infinite Bounty cover


    Jaleh July 6, 2015Reply

    What a fantastic interview. Such a great gift for humanity.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you our dearest Elika love

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