Another great review of Glimmerings!

In my last blog I shared that we recently sent over 200 Glimmerings CDs to radio stations around the United States.  The responses are coming in and up till now we have heard that there are over 30 stations playing Glimmerings on the radio.  Celtic Radio shared the good news that Glimmerings is now playing on their broadcast channels including Highlander Radio! You can view the details on their new music page. Additionally, they have setup a special page on their website where members can post a review, rank, request, preview and purchase their CD. Feel free to pass this link on to your friends to help spread the word about the music on this site.  I felt honored that they chose to add Glimmerings to their playlist as they wrote that they don’t just play any music on their internet broadcast channels. Each and every musician, song and album is personally reviewed for acceptance.
I just heard that Glimmerings is playing on One World Radio in the UK on Wednesday night (one of UK’s leading internet radio stations). They will be playing two tracks and a reading using the music from Glimmerings at 9pm UK time.
We shared the first review a couple of weeks ago and just this morning, by chance I found another review of Glimmerings which was just as wonderful as the first on a website called ‘Musik reviews’.  Here is the link to see the complete review.



    Sarmad November 13, 2012Reply

    Mindboggling! Congratulations, dear Elika! Big hugs to family! 🙂

      Elika November 14, 2012Reply

      Many thanks Sarmad! I feel very blessed.

    jaleh November 14, 2012Reply

    How absolutely fantastic! So wonderful Elly love! Congrats a thousand fold!!

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