Creative Vocals – No musical instruments

I love this video especially since this musician is using only vocals, his mouth and body parts to make sounds.  His name is Alla Wardi and he uses no musical instruments.  My favorite part of the video is when he uses his beard to make an awesome sound and listening to all the incredible harmonies.  Hope you enjoy it too!


    praveen April 4, 2012Reply

    this is so beautiful , best harmony ever…

    Murongyi April 19, 2012Reply

    Lovely. Amazing what we can do with our bodies.
    On another subject. Are the Chinese lyrics for “Meditations of the Spirit” available?

    Murongyi April 19, 2012Reply

    Neglected to say that “Meditations…” is wonderfully soul-stirring. Thanks.

    Elika April 22, 2012Reply

    Hi Murongyi, yes the Chinese lyrics are available. Please send me an email and I’ll attach the lyrics for you.

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