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A few months ago I started vocal lessons with a good friend.  It has been such an awakening experience as I have had to relearn basic vocal techniques.  Correct breathing is one of the most essential parts of singing and I am working hard to correct some of the poor habits I have picked up.  I never knew how important daily breathing exercises are and am making it a priority as it is beginning to change the quality of my voice.  It requires discipline spending 15 minutes a day practicing, but knowing that it will bear results is what helps me persevere!  In the coming weeks and months my coach and I will be focusing on singing different genres of music. I am now learning a well-known song in Chinese called ‘Olive Tree’ and look forward to surprising my Chinese friends when I sing it for them! singing.jpg 

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    Sarmad (Sam) February 24, 2008Reply

    Dearest Elika,
    Yes, I remember our choirmaster in Pune, Vivek Vasudevan, telling us how important breathing was for proper singing and helping us with breathing exercises and breathing times during a performance. Fantastic memories there. 🙂
    Hugs and love to your wonderful family! 🙂

    Tarry February 26, 2008Reply

    Cant’ wait to hear Olive Tree! I am sure your friends will love it 🙂

    Renate Dienersberger February 29, 2008Reply

    Hi Elika, I also know about the importance of breathing and got lessons for that from a very old and wise former opera singer (female) – but when I hear your tracks I really can’t imagine that you need any more lessons for this… :o) – although it’s always good to practice. Have a good time and success with the new song! Sincerly, Renate

    May Main March 2, 2008Reply

    I would love to hear you sing Olive Tree. When you are done learning it, can you record it and put it up on your blog for your friends around the world to hear? 🙂

    Elika March 3, 2008Reply

    Hi Sam, thanks for sharing your experiences in the choir. Now I know where you get your vocal skills 🙂
    Tarryjoon, you’re always so encouraging. I’m sure you’ll be the first to hear it!
    Renate, thanks for writing on my blog and for your kind words. I would love to hear more about your vocal lessons and how they have helped…
    Mayjoon, what a great idea to record ‘Olive Tree’ and put in on my blog. I will definitely consider it and will let you know when I do!

    Sarmad (Sam) March 4, 2008Reply

    Thank you, dear Elika. Yay Olive Tree! 🙂

    jaleh August 3, 2008Reply

    So El when will I hear the Olive tree?? I miss you so that when i get a chance i browse your past entries and makes me so happy to be able to write and send you my love and longing

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