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Naw Ruz is here! Naw Ruz is an ancient Persian festival celebrating the first day of spring (March 21), and is also the Baha’i New Year.  To celebrate, I have created a new ‘Special Gifts‘ page for you! It contains a brand new song that has never been released called ‘The Light In Thy Love’. I am giving this song to you as a free download as a thank you for supporting me, and my creations. I have also put the video for my song ‘This Is Faith’ by May Main and produced by Jarome Matthew, from my new CD ‘Fire And Gold’ on the special gifts page. Now you can use it for your presentations and events!

Enjoy, and check my blog again to be informed of more special gifts in the future.

Click here to download your special gifts.

Happy Naw Ruz!



    To March 20, 2008Reply

    Thats very seet music…actually i just played it on the very first day of Naw-Ruz.Naipenda sana.Thanks very Much!I hope God guide you in exploring your talents as you share with others.
    Wish you a great happy Naw-Ruz.

    kiki and tim March 26, 2008Reply

    Thanks for the wonderful music – you truly are an inspiration!
    Can’t wait to see you in July. love Kath

    Elika March 29, 2008Reply

    Hi To, thanks for your appreciation of the music. I’m so glad you enjoyed the piece.
    Thanks Kath! So lovely to hear from you on my blog! Can’t wait to see you all in the summer.

    Anonymous January 5, 2009Reply

    Amazing gift idea. It is appropriate gift for music lover. I will give it to my friend as new year’s gift because he loves music very much.

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