Perseverance Pays Off

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I am now working on my next project, which is a CD on the theme of marriage.  At the moment the vision is that it will consist of five pieces with quotations and prayers from several sources.  So far, I have chosen quotes from the Baha’i writings on marriage, a prayer for husbands and one for women. I have also selected a quote from the Bible about love for which I just composed the melody last week.  I am looking for one more quotation about love from any source, so if you have any ideas or quotes to contribute, I would love to hear them.  

When I started composing the quotation from the Bible, I found a couple of phrases quite challenging to set to music.  It just didn’t flow at the time and it was difficult to find an appropriate melody for the words in the passage.  I decided to take a break, but after some encouragement from my producer to persevere, I felt inspired to try again. This time the music came so naturally and rapidly that I was amazed! 

 It is hard to describe what happens in those moments that one feels truly inspired:  I feel as if I am in touch with a different realm. Composing music is such an inspiring and mysterious subject for me.  In times when the urge to create is strong I feel impelled to put everything else on hold so that I can make a rough recording, otherwise I may lose it altogether and the next time I try, something completely different may be inspired. How important it is to make use of those creative moments and persevere!


Thought of the Day: 

“Endeavor your utmost to compose beautiful poems to be chanted with heavenly music; thus may their beauty affect the minds and impress the hearts of those who listen.”    

– Abdu’l-Baha




    Jarome March 10, 2008Reply

    These new songs are just incredible Elika! I can wait for your listeners to hear them.
    They are going to make any wedding a truly amazing experience.
    And it is wonderful that your listeners won’t have to wait very long to hear new music your working on.
    Speaking of that, check back on Elika’s site soon, I think she has a surprise coming!

    Agnes March 13, 2008Reply

    Congradulations! It is so exciting to hear that you are making a new CD which is so important to people nowdays. I wish i could do something for you . I had contacted B in Melbourne, I will ask them whether they have some matirals for you.

    Elika March 15, 2008Reply

    Thanks Jarome for your continual encouragement especially for the new music. Yes there is a surprise coming up very soon…
    Hi Agnes – great to hear from you! I’m so thankful for all your help with translation for ‘Fire and Gold’.

    jaleh April 1, 2008Reply

    Hi love El
    just can’t wait to hear the new music. when will that be i wonder…? i love reading your blog when ever i get a chance to download. thanks for sharing your thoughts for us all. love you

    Elika June 4, 2008Reply

    Thanks love for all your encouragment and comments. Always wonderful to hear from you.

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