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‘A Bahá’í Perspective’ Radio Interview

I recently had the privilege of giving a one hour radio interview with Warren Odess-Gillett from ‘A Bahá’í Perspective’.  The interview is now LIVE!

Visit this link to hear the podcast where I share what inspired several of my pieces from 5 CDs, how I started on my music journey, the themes of the albums I have released so far, what it was like being raised in Kenya as well as what religious life was like growing up there.

Do leave me a comment below and let me know if you have any questions about the music, the albums or the interview in general.  There was so much to talk about and not enough time.  I was only able to share 6 pieces from 5 albums out of the 8 albums released so far.

You can download the full podcast on iTunes here. 

A Bahá'í Perspective - Elika Mahony


  1. I clicked on ‘listen to the podcast now’ but nothing happened. Oh dear. I do want to listen to it

  2. Hi Aaron, many thanks for trying to listen to the podcast. I believe you can also try and listen to it on iTunes or try a different browser. Let me know if you still have trouble listening to it.

  3. Looking forward to listening to this love Elly

  4. Really looking forward to listening to this Elika. Thank you! Sally Lazanas.

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