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I learned to play the guitar when I took a year off from college in order to teach at a friend’s kindergarten in Nakuru, Kenya. That was one of the best years of my life as I so enjoyed my time staying with the Kassiri family! My dear spiritual sister, Shahnaz, taught me some of the basic chords and I was hooked. You see, being a piano player can be frustrating at times (usually when I’m on holiday and don’t have access to playing one)! That year in Nakuru was the perfect time to pick up the guitar as I didn’t have access to a piano. When my family first moved to Hong Kong, we didn’t have a piano for a whole month and I remember walking into a music store and as I started playing the piano, I was surprised that I was moved to tears – I felt like I was finally home!
So playing the guitar was a relief as I could practice and perform anywhere. I enjoyed it so much that I found I couldn’t put the guitar down. Since then I have composed several pieces on the guitar that were recorded on ‘Melodies of the Nightingale’ – ‘Be Thou Content with Me’, ‘Create in Me a Pure Heart’ and ‘Seize Thy Chance’. On ‘Fire and Gold‘, I only composed one piece on the guitar, ‘Prayer for the Departed‘.
In the last few years, I have played and composed much less on the guitar. I’m not really sure why – maybe because I found that I wasn’t improving and usually if one is not progressing, one is regressing! I finally decided to pick it up again and start playing. I look forward to taking some lessons and composing some new pieces on the guitar!
Thought of the Day: “Music, sung or played, is spiritual food for soul and heart”. -Abdul-Baha


    Jarome July 21, 2008Reply

    I’m very excited about this Elika! I think this is going to diversify your music and make your live performances that much more interesting. And it is much more portable than a piano so that is nice.

    Sarmad July 22, 2008Reply

    Oh wow! I too picked up the guitar when I no longer had access to my Yamaha keyboard. It’s an amazing instrument indeed and quite portable!
    Looking forward to hearing your new pieces!!! 🙂

    Elika July 22, 2008Reply

    Thanks Jarome and Sarmad. Yes I am indeed very excited about this and have already come up with a couple of songs – I now just need to come up with some lyrics! Any suggestions on themes would be great.

    Sherri July 26, 2008Reply

    I’ve never heard you play the guitar! Hidden talent? Would love to hear you play.

    Elika July 26, 2008Reply

    Sherrijoon, thanks for writing! I haven’t had the opportunity to play for you since you don’t have a guitar. Maybe when you come and visit us, I would love to play for you. 🙂

    jaleh July 27, 2008Reply

    Elly love so happy that you are once again picking up the guitar. i so miss your live music ringing at home in Beijing. keep up your wonderful talent As for themed you can pick up any newspaper, magazine and the themes are right there. One of the important discourses now is science religin and development. See what you come up with.
    love you and miss you so….

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