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Welcome! My passion is creating music that inspires the soul and nourishes the spirit. I hope my music brightens your day and brings you joy!

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Recent Blog Posts


Unique Rewards for my Kickstarter

We are now at the mid-way point of the Kickstarter campaign. I am very excited to share that we reached our goal for ‘The Exalted One’ in the first week of the campaign!!

Going forward, any additional funds received from now until Nov 30th will go towards the production of a second new album in honor of Abdu’l-Bahá.

Below are a few new rewards that will only be available during this Kickstarter campaign:

All these rewards come with CD “The Exalted One”.  Within each package there is a unique digital download code for the album.

New Rewards

  • Prayer book cover with beaded bookmark + 10 CDs – The beaded bookmarks are packaged in an elegant green silk box. An inspiring quotation from The Báb is attached. This package also comes with a matching teal Silk Prayer Book Cover.
  • Twin Abstract Paintings – I painted two matching round silver and forest green abstract paintings which are titled ‘AFRICAN FOREST’ and ‘ARRIVAL OF SPRING’.
  • 20 CD gift pack – A pack of 20 signed CDs of the new album to share with your friends (each CD package comes with a unique digital download code).  Perfect gift for the upcoming celebrations for the bicentenary of the Birth of The Báb.
  • Set your favorite quotation to music – Choose your favorite quotation or prayer and I will compose a melody and set it to music for you or as a gift for a loved one! (4 left!)
  • Original piano piece – composing instrumental piano pieces is a joy of mine.  I will compose a piano composition specially for you or a loved one to give as a gift.  You can help choose a title! (4 left!)

To support the kickstarter or pre-order the album, click here:

Thank you for all your kind support in this campaign and for sharing the project with your friends.

To watch a slideshow of the rewards go to under the Updates section.

Some of the rewards for Elika Kickstarter campaign

New Video – Prayer for Protection

As a gift for the 199th anniversary of the Birth of The Báb, I am thrilled to share with you a new video for a song called ‘Prayer for Protection’. The words are from a prayer of The Báb and the piece will be on my upcoming album “The Exalted One”.

Many thanks to Daniel Badi Rinaldi for producing and mastering the song, to Stefano Pizzaia for mixing, and to Sacha Ghalili for creating the video.

Here’s the video: Prayer for Protection

Thank you!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support of the Kickstarter Campaign!

We reached our goal in 3 days!  As the campaign is still live till November 30th, I’d be so grateful if you would continue to spread the word about the Kickstarter Campaign.  Any additional funds will be used for an additional second new album.

Here is a link to Support the Kickstarter Campaign.

Some of the rewards of the Kickstarter Campaign.

Special rewards for my Kickstarter

I feel truly blessed by all the love and support I’ve received since the Kickstarter started!  We have already reached over 50% of our goal for the Kickstarter campaign after only 24 hours!  Thank you for your kind support.

[Update – Since this blog post we have now funded the album.  Any additional funds received will be used for an additional album in honor of Abdu’l-Bahá.  Thank you for continuing to spread the word].

For the last 6 months I have been planning and creating special rewards for my Kickstarter project.

Below are just a few of the unique rewards that will only be available during this 30 day period and one is almost sold out! (Below is a photo collage of a few rewards).


  • Chinese Calligraphy Scroll – The scrolls were specially commissioned for this campaign by an outstanding Chinese calligrapher. SOLD OUT!
  • Twin Bicentenary Album Set – receive copies of both of my Bicentenary music albums: The Ancient Beauty (released in honor of the Bicentenary of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh in 2017) and “The Exalted One” in honor of the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb.
  • Prayer Beads + Silk Box –  I had such a great time choosing the gorgeous gold and green clasps and the 95 water pearls for the prayer beads.  Each is packaged in a deep green silk box. Perfect for daily meditations.  Only 6 are left!
  • Lyric Print – a beautifully designed limited edition Lyric Print of the piece ‘Unto Thee I Repair For Refuge’.
  • Paintings – Original abstract acrylic paintings with a circular motif representing spheres of unity, oneness and harmony in multiple shades of green. One of the paintings took me 6 months to complete!

As you may have noticed, many of these special rewards are various shades of green, a color often associated with The Báb.

Since the album “The Exalted One” is in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Birth of The Báb, I have incorporated the color green to invoke the memory of His life and the “divine springtime” that He announced.

To support and find all the rewards on kickstarter, click here:

Thank you for all your kind support in this campaign and for sharing the project with your friends.

Tomorrow morning at 7pm PST (10am Beijing time) I will be going live on Facebook to show you some of the rewards.  Join me on my facebook music page.

I am thinking of adding a few rewards since we are out of 2 of the rewards already!  Will keep you posted!

exciting news… check out my new trailer

As you may know I’m working on a new album in honor of the bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb.

The Exalted One is a collection of pieces based on the writings and prayers of the Báb. My producer and I have been working on it for the past ten months and we are very excited!

But we need your help.

On 1 November 2018, we’ll be launching a 30-day Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funds required to complete the album.

Through Kickstarter’s fundraising platform, you will be able to support the making of the album in various ways, including by pre-ordering the album. All the funds we raise will be used to pay for studio time, musicians, engineers, designers and other costs – so that we can complete the album and deliver it by July 2019.

As thanks, there will be many unique rewards that contributors can receive, depending upon the level of their pledge. These rewards will include signed copies of the album, art prints with the Writings of the Báb, specially commissioned Chinese scrolls, paintings I’ve created, prayer beads and many other items. Some of the rewards are limited in number so be sure to check them out!

I’ll send you further details on 1 November, but for now please visit the official Facebook Event: Elika Mahony Kickstarter where I’ve just posted a short teaser video! (direct youtube link here).

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Title for my Upcoming Album

I’m so excited to finally announce the title of my new album in honor of the bicentenary of the Birth of The Báb.

After consulting with family and friends, and reflecting on a number of different suggestions, we have decided to name this album ‘The Exalted One’.

This beautiful title of The Báb comes from a Tablet of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, where He writes The Báb, the Exalted Oneis the Morn of Truth, the splendor of Whose light shineth throughout all regions.

In addition to the beauty of the title itself, we also felt it fitting that that this name echoes the name of my previous album for the bicentenary of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh, “The Ancient Beauty”.

Since The Báb and Bahá’u’lláh were the Twin Manifestations Who came to announce the dawn of a new age for humanity, it seemed appropriate that the two albums should also reflect the titles and unique stations of these Luminous Beings.

It has been a pleasure working together with my producer, Daniel Rinaldi on this album as well as the whole team involved.  The music is sounding incredible!  I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Daniel Badi Rinaldi creating magic

Inversion of Love – a story for parents

A friend of mine sent this beautiful story to me a couple of days ago after I shared that our daughter just left for her year of service.  I hadn’t read the story before and loved it so I thought I would share it with you.

If you’re a parent or an empty nester, it’s a must-read:

Love Inversion (Abdu’l-Baha, cited in Sohrab’s Diary)

The fathers, and especially the mothers, must always think how they can best educate their children; not how to fondle and embrace them and thus spoil them. By every means at their disposal they must inculcate in their growing bodies, souls, minds and spirits the principles of sincerity, love, trustfulness obedience, true democracy and kindness toward all the races; thus hereafter the world civilization may flow in one mighty current and the children of the next generation may make secure the foundations of human solidarity and good will.

From the tenderest childhood the children must be taught by their mothers the love of God and the love of humanity; not the love of the humanity of Asia, or the humanity of Europe, or the humanity of America, but the humanity of humankind. There are some mothers who have a strange, inexplicable love for their children. One may call it the inversion of love, or as we call it in Persia “bearish love.” This kind of love does more injury to the child than good.

When I was in Acca, during the life of Baha’u’llah, I entrusted the son of one of the believers to a German carpenter. After a month, his mother went to Baha’u’llah and lamented and bemoaned, “I want my son, because he is unhappy with this carpenter, who curses his religion. Baha’u’llah told her to “go to Abba (the Master) and whatever he says, act accordingly.” She came to me, and after she had told her side of the story I told her: “The Germans never curse anyone. They are not accustomed to it,”. She went away, and after another month she came again to Baha’u’llah with another complaint that this carpenter had forced her son to carry on his back a load of wheat. Again I told her that if he had done so it was for discipline. I quieted her, but she was murmuring inwardly. A few months rolled by, and she returned with another set of complaints, frankly confessing that she did not want her son to be away from her, that he was the apple of her eye. Realizing how selfish her love was for her son I told her at last that I would not take him away; that he must stay with the carpenter for eight years until his apprenticeship was over. Well, she yielded to the inexorable situation. After eight years of study he left his master, and his mother was very proud of him, everywhere praising his industry because his work was demanded on every hand.

In short, the mothers must not think of themselves but of the progress of their children, because upon the children of today whether boys or girls depends the molding the civilization of tomorrow.”

(Star of the West, Vol. VII, No. 15, p. 143)

Our last day with our daughter before she left for her year of service to the Bahá’í World Centre

A bittersweet moment…

Hi there!  I know it’s been awhile since I last blogged but there has been a lot going on…

We have now joined the rank of emptynesters!

Two days ago, it was extremely bittersweet saying goodbye to our daughter, Amelia, as she embarks on a year of service at the Bahá’í World Centre.  I am excited as I know it will be an incredible year of growth and learning for her.  At the same time, it is a huge adjustment in our lives ending as the children are no longer at home.  I was reflecting today what a gift it has been to parent two children who are now out in the world spreading their wings.

As we were driving to the airport, I sat with my daughter in the back seat of the car so that I could enjoy being close to her for a few more minutes.  I suggested we sing one final prayer together before leaving. Fighting the tears, we chanted in unison and treasured the precious moment.  We have sung together since the day she was born (well almost)! :)

I’m grateful that I am now fully occupied with my upcoming album in honor of the bicentenary of the Birth of The Báb.

Amelia recorded her last vocals the night before she left!  Thankfully we got everything done just in time.

Next week I look forward to announcing the title for my new album.  Stay tuned!

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Milly and me :)

Milly’s first visit to the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh

Performing with my daughter in Japan

Japan, beautiful Japan!  Our family just returned from an adventurous visit to the historic cities of Fukuoka, Yamaguchi and Kyoto!  The trip was in honor of our daughter’s high school graduation.

Japan has always had a special place in my husband’s heart as he discovered the Bahá’í Faith as a student in Yamaguchi.  So visiting as a family was a precious experience to see the places where he spent time as a youth.

My daughter and I had the pleasure of sharing our music while in Japan.   We performed three evenings in three different cities.  We sang compositions from several of my albums as well as a couple of our daughter’s new pieces for my upcoming CD for The Báb’s 200th birthday.

I have posted our performance in Japan on Youtube of one of my daughter’s songs titled ‘God is Sufficient’.  The recorded version will be on my upcoming album.

Click here to watch the performance.

I hope you enjoy!

Visiting Temples was a highlight of our trip but singing with my daughter is a memory I will treasure.

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Our daughter’s beautiful composition

Today was a special day!  I am beyond excited that we recorded vocals for a composition by my daughter that will be on my upcoming album in honor of the bicentenary of the Birth of The Báb.  The prayer is titled ‘God is Sufficient’. We are recording it as a duet — I love singing with my daughter!

The song is sounding beautiful! I’m such a proud Mama right now.

As summer approaches, we will spend some family time together before our daughter embarks on the next chapter in her life adventure (I just posted a blog about her graduation with photos at the Confucius Temple).  As a result, we are working hard to finish the two pieces my daughter composed for the upcoming album!  They will add so much beauty to this project.

There have been some exciting developments on all the songs.  We are recording musicians and singers from different parts of the world as I write this and the album is starting to come together.

I look forward to sharing more as the project continues.

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Our daughter’s graduation

Our daughter just graduated from high school!  The graduation was exquisite as it took place at the Confucius Temple – a site to behold!

I am immensely proud of our daughter as she worked hard to achieve excellence in her studies, sports, music and service.  Over the last two years I have often marveled at how she managed to balance her time with all the different projects and demands.

Daughter of the Kingdom

On her 15th birthday I composed a piece for her titled, ‘Daughter of the Kingdom’.  The words in this prayer are equally significant on this latest milestone.

I remember recording this piece for her in the studio and became very teary as I sang the beautiful prayer from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.  (I describe the experience of recording this piece for her in another blog post).


The lyrics of the prayer are below…

I look ahead in the next chapter of my life and look forward to serving with my husband and working on my upcoming album in honor of the bicentenary of the Birth of The Báb.

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Above rose photo by Glenn Franco Simmons

Collage of photos of my daughter

Graduation photos at the Confucius Temple