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Welcome!  My passion is creating music that inspires the soul and nourishes the spirit.  ‘Infinite Bounty’, my 7th album on the theme of detachment is now available, as well as a piano instrumental CD entitled ‘Glimmerings’, as featured in the movie ‘Grace’.  Browse my music page to listen to other releases and to view my arts and crafts projects on the Art Creations page.  Also take a moment to visit a new page on the site of resources on love and marriage.  Enjoy!

Infinite Bounty Cover
Celestial Garden

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‘Glimmerings’ in a movie!

I am honoured that my music was chosen to be used in a movie called ‘Grace’ about a young woman on her road to recovery. My piano instrumental piece, ‘Glimmerings’, plays in two pivotal moments in the movie and I’m thrilled my music is part of a project for healing and recovery.

September is National recovery month in the U.S and the movie is being promoted once again and is available to be streamed all around the world.  For more information on how to watch the movie, go to:

To listen to the piece, ‘Glimmerings’, in its entirety, click here.

Grace the movie

Music is like Prayer

Each time I record in the studio, I am enveloped by a sense of calm, euphoria and great joy – it is similar to prayer.  The quotation below captures the essence of what I feel.  I have shared a little about the experience in this post titled, ‘The magic that happens’.

nothing in the world so much like prayer is music

‘Invictus’ for Nelson Mandela Day

Today (July 18) is Nelson Mandela Day, a day that celebrates a phenomenal individual who inspired and touched the lives of many.  Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison during the period of apartheid in South Africa. Yet the injustice he endured never embittered him, nor did it cause him to seek revenge on those who wronged him. On the contrary, he emerged from prison to lead his country in a process of reconciliation and unity building. He is a shining example of the power of love to overcome all.

For 95 years he strove to make the world a better place, so today, on his birthday, people everywhere can celebrate and honour his life by acting on the idea that each person has the power to change the world. And if ever there was a time for people to stand for love, unity and forgiveness, that time is now.

A few years ago, I set one of Nelson Mandela’s favourite poems, Invictus, to music.  In times of difficulty, he would turn to this poem for inspiration and solace.  This is one of my favourite compositions because of the melody and the emotion in the piece.  I feel the song captures the essence of the poem.  Here is a link to listen to and purchase ‘Invictus’.  Be sure to watch the video below created by my son.  It moves me every time I watch it.

My son created a video for ‘Invictus’ a few years ago.  You can view it here.  I hope you enjoy!

Invictus Cover


We are one family

The world needs to know…

All are of one family

The world is but a show

The two passages below are beautiful reminders of the importance of detaching ourselves from the things of this world.  I often try to recall these quotations when life brings challenges which is why I chose to set them both to music in order to memorise them.  They are available on the album ‘Fire and Gold’, a CD on the theme of tests and difficulties.

Below are the lyrics:

The world is but a show, vain and empty, a mere nothing, bearing the semblance of reality. Set not your affections upon it… The world is like a vapor in a desert, which the thirsty dreameth to be water and striveth after it with all his might, until when he cometh unto it, he findeth it to be mere illusion.
-Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, page 328.

O Son of Being!
Busy not thyself with this world, for with fire We test the gold, and with gold We test Our servants.
-Bahá’u’lláh, The Hidden Words, Arabic #55.

The world is but a show

New elegant prayer book covers: 25% off all

One of the most treasured items on my bedside table is my prayer book because of the sacred words within but also because of the beauty of the silk fabric that adorns the cover.

More than ten years ago I started to design prayer book covers as a hobby and decided to make extra as gifts for friends.  The covers were a hit so I handpicked several more elegant designs.  Since then there are now 25 lovely covers to choose from.

Today I have made seven new silk prayer book covers available on my Etsy site and am having a pre-summer sale of 25% off all covers before I close the shop for the holidays.  The sale will be on for the next 24 hours.  Here is the link for all the covers with varying designs to choose from.  Once you input the code VIP25, you’ll receive the 25% discount during check out.  Below are a few samples of the new designs.

New prayer book covers available!Save 25% through Tuesday on all covers.Use coupon code VIP25at checkout

New silk prayer book covers

New silk prayer book covers

Elegant Art prints for Prayer for Infants

I’m so happy to hear that friends are enjoying the new release, ‘Prayer for Infants’, and are also sending it as gifts to loved ones with babies.  I was hoping it would be shared so that mothers could learn to sing it for their little ones as it is a precious and beautiful prayer written by Bahá’u’lláh.

I also enjoyed creating two elegant digital art prints of the prayer (see photos below) so that the words are easily accessible and can be printed out and enjoyed in the baby’s nursery.

Click here to download the song with the bonus art prints or to send as a gift to a friend or loved one (the downloaded art prints will not have the watermarks shown in the prints below).

Artprint watermark 1


Artprint with watermark 2

Prayer for Infants Released!

I’m excited to share the newly released ‘Prayer for Infants’.

Thank you for your input about the font you like best for the cover. I read each suggestion which helped me make a final decision.  I chose the flowery font as it flows well with the photo.  Some of you shared that the flowery font was softer, more gentle, had a subtle feeling, flowed more and was more elegant.  I know the block font is easier to read but I figured if anyone wants to know what it says they will click to enlarge it. :)

Below is the composition for ‘Prayer for Infants’ in honour of my nephew.  As a bonus I am including two beautiful digital art prints of the prayer in hopes that it will be sent to friends and loved ones on the occasion of the arrival of a new family member.  Click here to download the song with the bonus art prints.  The song is priced at $2 which includes the music and both art prints.

To send the ‘Prayer for Infants’ as a gift (with the bonus art prints), click on ‘Send as Gift’ under the ‘Buy Now’ button in blue letters (on the website).

Prayer for Infants

Prayer for Infants cover – which photo?

Ten days ago my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  I so wish I could have been there to meet my nephew and enjoy seeing my sister become a mother for the first time.  I have been wondering what gift to send my sweet nephew to welcome him into this world and decided that I would record something special for him.  Soon after that thought, I received a request from my sister to set the ‘Prayer for Infants’ to music so that she could learn to sing it to her son.  I immediately attempted to set this beautiful prayer to music despite the long sentences in the lengthy prayer.  I look forward to sharing it soon.

I have been working on a cover for the single and would love your help deciding which font to choose below: Photo 1 (flowery font) or photo 2 (capital font).  Please write which you prefer in the comments section below and why.  Also what do you think of the colour of the font?  Looking forward to hearing your responses.

Prayer for Infants flowery font

Photo 1 – Flowery Font

Photo 2 - Capital Letter font

Photo 2 – Capital Letter font

Let each one of you…

How incredible this world would be if only we exemplified these words of Abdu’l-Baha.
Let each one be as a lamp