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Welcome!  My passion is creating music that inspires the soul and nourishes the spirit.  ‘Infinite Bounty’, my 7th album on the theme of detachment is now available, as well as a piano instrumental CD entitled ‘Glimmerings’, as featured in the movie ‘Grace’.  Browse my music page to listen to other releases and to view my arts and crafts projects on the Art Creations page.  Also take a moment to visit a new page on the site of resources on love and marriage.  Enjoy!

Infinite Bounty Cover
Celestial Garden

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New elegant prayer book covers: 25% off all

One of the most treasured items on my bedside table is my prayer book because of the sacred words within but also because of the beauty of the silk fabric that adorns the cover.

More than ten years ago I started to design prayer book covers as a hobby and decided to make extra as gifts for friends.  The covers were a hit so I handpicked several more elegant designs.  Since then there are now 25 lovely covers to choose from.

Today I have made seven new silk prayer book covers available on my Etsy site and am having a pre-summer sale of 25% off all covers before I close the shop for the holidays.  The sale will be on for the next 24 hours.  Here is the link for all the covers with varying designs to choose from.  Once you input the code VIP25, you’ll receive the 25% discount during check out.  Below are a few samples of the new designs.

New prayer book covers available!Save 25% through Tuesday on all covers.Use coupon code VIP25at checkout

New silk prayer book covers

New silk prayer book covers

Elegant Art prints for Prayer for Infants

I’m so happy to hear that friends are enjoying the new release, ‘Prayer for Infants’, and are also sending it as gifts to loved ones with babies.  I was hoping it would be shared so that mothers could learn to sing it for their little ones as it is a precious and beautiful prayer written by Bahá’u’lláh.

I also enjoyed creating two elegant digital art prints of the prayer (see photos below) so that the words are easily accessible and can be printed out and enjoyed in the baby’s nursery.

Click here to download the song with the bonus art prints or to send as a gift to a friend or loved one (the downloaded art prints will not have the watermarks shown in the prints below).

Artprint watermark 1


Artprint with watermark 2

Prayer for Infants Released!

I’m excited to share the newly released ‘Prayer for Infants’.

Thank you for your input about the font you like best for the cover. I read each suggestion which helped me make a final decision.  I chose the flowery font as it flows well with the photo.  Some of you shared that the flowery font was softer, more gentle, had a subtle feeling, flowed more and was more elegant.  I know the block font is easier to read but I figured if anyone wants to know what it says they will click to enlarge it. :)

Below is the composition for ‘Prayer for Infants’ in honour of my nephew.  As a bonus I am including two beautiful digital art prints of the prayer in hopes that it will be sent to friends and loved ones on the occasion of the arrival of a new family member.  Click here to download the song with the bonus art prints.  The song is priced at $2 which includes the music and both art prints.

To send the ‘Prayer for Infants’ as a gift (with the bonus art prints), click on ‘Send as Gift’ under the ‘Buy Now’ button in blue letters (on the website).

Prayer for Infants

Prayer for Infants cover – which photo?

Ten days ago my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  I so wish I could have been there to meet my nephew and enjoy seeing my sister become a mother for the first time.  I have been wondering what gift to send my sweet nephew to welcome him into this world and decided that I would record something special for him.  Soon after that thought, I received a request from my sister to set the ‘Prayer for Infants’ to music so that she could learn to sing it to her son.  I immediately attempted to set this beautiful prayer to music despite the long sentences in the lengthy prayer.  I look forward to sharing it soon.

I have been working on a cover for the single and would love your help deciding which font to choose below: Photo 1 (flowery font) or photo 2 (capital font).  Please write which you prefer in the comments section below and why.  Also what do you think of the colour of the font?  Looking forward to hearing your responses.

Prayer for Infants flowery font

Photo 1 – Flowery Font

Photo 2 - Capital Letter font

Photo 2 – Capital Letter font

Let each one of you…

How incredible this world would be if only we exemplified these words of Abdu’l-Baha.
Let each one be as a lamp

A song composed by my daughter!

A few days ago my daughter composed a piece titled, ‘Bestow on me’ inspired by the upcoming Holy Day celebration for the Declaration of The Bab.  We just recorded the song together and I’m excited we will be teaching our friends how to sing the piece on Sunday night at the Holy Day celebration.

As it is a rough and spontaneous recording it will only be shared with friends subscribed to my mailing list.  To join the mailing list, click here or subscribe below.

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Milly playing guitar

Release Bahai 7 now!

May 14th is the eighth anniversary of the incarceration of seven Baha’i leaders in Iran, who have been jailed for no reason other than their membership in the Baha’i Faith and their service to the Baha’i community.  I found a beautiful quotation from Abdu’l-Baha about being ‘a helper of every oppressed one…’ (see photo below).  Kindly share with others so we can spread the word.

To learn more about the ‘Yaran’ (7 leaders) who have been imprisoned, click here.

To get involved and help take action, click here.

To listen to a song I recorded a few years ago in honour of the Baha’is in Iran who are being persecuted,  listen below.  The song is titled, ‘Persecution’.  To watch the moving video, click here.

Be a helper of every oppressed one

Title chosen: “Jade Awakenings”

Thank you to those of you who sent in suggestions for titles for my newest art piece!  Congratulations to Leila Ehsani  for the creative title, ‘Jade Awakenings’.   In my last blog post, I shared a time-lapse video of the process of creating the painting.  If you haven’t had a chance to view it, you can see what one hour of work looks like in a few minutes in the video!  As you can see, this painting took a substantial amount of time!

The circles in this art piece symbolise harmony, oneness and the interconnectedness of humanity.  A Chinese carved stone decorates the centre of the painting and is surrounded by shades of green – symbols of spring, growth and renewal.  This is the perfect combination of the varying hues of green I grew up with in Kenya and the stone represents where I reside now in China!

This painting is 15.7″ (40cm) in diameter and is available FOR SALEClick here to view my painting on the Etsy site.  Inquiries are welcome on my contact page.

Jade Awakenings

Jade Awakenings close up

Jade Awakenings closeup

Title suggestions please!

I recently completed another abstract painting and would love your help finding a title for this piece.  Kindly add your suggestions to the comments section below this blog and the winning title will receive an album download of his/her choice.

I took a time-lapse video (see below) of the process of creating this painting.  Hopefully it will inspire you to come up with a suitable title.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions for a title and will announce a winner in the next few days on the blog.

NOTE: A title has been selected thanks to the suggestion of Leila Ehsani.  The painting is called, ‘Jade Awakenings’. 

Jade painting

Singing in the rain

Yesterday I had the pleasure of singing at an outdoor wedding and it was the first time I’ve ever sung in the rain!  The weather has been sunny recently so it was unexpected that the day of the wedding it rained non-stop during the celebration.  Even though it was cold and wet, I appreciated the rain as it was symbolic of the bounties being showered on the bride and groom.

Weddings always move me to tears. Being a witness to the union of two souls is such a joy and a blessing.  The bride was in tears throughout the ceremony and at one point ran over to her mother, gave her a huge hug and both wept for a few minutes in each others arms.   The groom so lovingly wiped away her tears every now and then so her make up wouldn’t run!  It was priceless to watch!  The love, respect and care that pervaded the ceremony were moving.  At one point all the guests surrounded the bride and groom with all our umbrellas.  It was a special moment.

I was honoured to sing the piece, ‘Birds of Love’ for the wedding.  I composed it originally for one of my dearest friends who celebrated her marriage in our home ten years ago and surprised her and the groom by singing it during their ceremony.  Since then I have sung this piece at eleven weddings! :)  I included an instrumental version on the album to be used at weddings so that anyone can sing with the backtrack for the special occasion.

Below is the title track ‘Birds of Love’ as well as the instrumental version from the album ‘Birds of Love’.

Elika Mahony singing at a wedding