Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Below, you will find the official privacy policy of my website which is in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (an EU privacy law).

The SHORTENED VERSION: my policy states that any data I collect about you will not be given or sold to anyone. Your data is safe with me. I will only use your email address for the purpose of sending you occasional newsletters about new music and other creative projects I’m working on. You can unsubscribe at any time, or request me to delete any and all data related to you from my system.

What data do I collect?

The only personal information I collect from you is what you give me: your email address, your first name and city. The email management system automatically collects your IP address, and the date and time you signed up. That’s it. And that information goes no further than my personal email list.

What are your rights?

Right to Unsubscribe: At the bottom of every email I send, there is an option to Unsubscribe.

Right to be forgotten: Upon request, I will delete all your information from my database.

Right to rectification: You can update your information by clicking the Preference button at the bottom of any of my emails or by sending me an email.

Right of access: You can contact me with a request to access the information I have on you (which is your email address, what emails you have received from me and your first name).