Little Inspirations

We verily have made music

From time to time I will be sharing new compositions on this page. I have kept the link hidden as some of the pieces are rough and not ready to be shared with the general public, but I wanted these recordings to be available for my friends on my music mailing list to listen to. I hope you enjoy them. Save the link to this page so you can check back from time to time and see what is new!

Below are the two rough initial recordings of the prayer by The Báb. I look forward to hearing which composition you like best for my upcoming album:

1 Original or 2 New

Lyrics for the prayer ‘Enable All the Peoples’

“O Lord! Enable all the peoples of the earth to gain admittance into the Paradise of Thy Faith, so that no created being may remain beyond the bounds of Thy good-pleasure.

From time immemorial Thou hast been potent to do what pleaseth thee and transcendent above whatsoever thou desires.”

– The Báb

Recording 1 – ORIGINAL
Recording 2 – NEW