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New Painting – Arrival of Spring

Although it is autumn that has just arrived where I live, my new painting is titled “Arrival of Spring”!  Recently I have been painting quite intensively and am now posting my second painting for sale on ETSY.  Last week I posted ‘Maasai Gold’ on Etsy which uses a very different style from this one.  “Arrival of Spring” incorporates an acrylic paint technique which allows me to play with the blending of colours.  And although it is now autumn in the Northern hemisphere, it IS the arrival of spring in the Southern hemisphere so my timing is perhaps not entirely misguided! In any event, spring is my favourite time of year as one sees hints of growth and glimmerings of colour emerge from the earth. This painting evokes for me such feelings and images — I hope you like it.

Here is the link to ‘Arrival of Spring’ FOR SALE on Etsy.  Size of the painting: Diameter 50 cm (19.68 inches).  Kindly share it with your friends.  If you have questions, most welcome to email me through my contact page.

Arrival of Spring for Etsy smallest


  1. Beautifully done! I love the 3 D style.

  2. I like it, you are so talented!!

  3. Thank you so much Jalehjoon and Marshall!

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