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Homemade Playdough Recipe

Photo by Jill Green

Recently a friend of mine asked for creative ideas to do with her 2 year old daughter so I suggested making playdough together.  Here is the home made recipe I used to make with my children when they were little and they loved it!

1 cup white flour

1/2 cup salt

2 tsp. tartar powder

1 cup water

2 T cooking oil

1 tsp. food color

1. Mix everything together in a bowl.

2. Pour into a warm frying pan with a little oil.

3. Cook on low heat until it forms into a ball while stirring constantly.

4. Remove from heat and knead it.

5. Add food coloring of your choice (optional).

5. Store in airtight container.

6. Enjoy bonding with your sweet little one!


  1. Thank you, dearest, for sharing! I shall try this with miss T and post the result on my blog! :)))

  2. I love it El!

  3. Most welcome dear Varya. This post was specially for you and Tessa. Let me know how it goes and please send me the link to your blog. Happy playdough making. :)

  4. Dearest, thank you again! You can click right here on my name and it should take you there! :))))

  5. what is the meaning of tartar powder

  6. Tartar powder is the key ingredient in this recipe and is what gives the playdough a soft consistency.

  7. Dearest Elika! Want to share an alternative to your recipe. Both yours and this one work perfectly well!

  8. Thanks dear Varya for posting!

  9. I think tartar powder must be the same as cream of tartar.


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