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Thank you all for your gracious comments on the Guestbook page.  We have now moved the guestbook page on the blog site so that I can now respond to you too!  Unfortunately in the process of doing that, we lost a few comments.  The CDs are on their way to different parts of the world and we’ll let you know once they’re available on CDBaby as that may be the easiest way to order.   If any of you would like to assist in the promotion and sales of ‘Fire and Gold’, please let me know and we can communicate directly. Thanks again! 


    jaleh January 10, 2008Reply

    my sweet and lovely elly
    So many Congrats my love for the final delivery of our newest baby!*!*!*! I am dying to get my hands on it and play it and share it and have hours of joyful meditation with it… Today is the first day i have access to the internet and couldn’t wait to write on your blog. You have done a beautiful job. Love the writing and the pics. So much love to you my El and longing to see you soon.

    Susan Ludwig January 30, 2008Reply

    My CD’s have arrived, and I was amazed at what I heard. I had expected the “familiar” Elika Mahony – and she was there in the CD – but this is a “new” Elika! This CD is so amazing – the passages picked are so poignant – the voice so familiar and also so new with the vocal overlays and harmony. The instruments offer an amazing background – the melodies and harmonies so intricate but not distracting. Thank you for such a wonderful work! It is a treasure!

    Elika January 30, 2008Reply

    Thank you Susan! I’m so glad you like the new CD!

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